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(Photo) The June 2007 racewalk on an idyllic Green Lake day. That's Gregg on his bike,Steve, Stan and Ann following.

Results 2021through 2013green lake walk

2012 (Results2003-12 click here)


Washington State Games, July 23, Tumwater, WA

Bob Novak (M73) 33:03.01
Peigen Jiang (M58) 35:13.59
Suzanne Sharp (F69) 36:06.56
Diana Thurman (F75) 37:57.33
Mike Devaney (M72) 40:06.48

Judges after all: Marie VerMeer,
Roger Hall, Katie Burnett & Dora Choi

World Masters Athletics Championships, Tampere, Finland, July

Locals Tommy Aunan (1:10:10) and William Mike Rehder (1:09:10) were part of the 3rd place USA 10K racewalk team in age 60-64. Overall time was 3:29:17. Third member of the team was Paul Demeester.

Pacific NW / Seattle Masters Championship
West Seattle Stadium June 18, 2022

Katie Burnett (F33) 26:34.42

Mike Rehder (M65) 32:26.75

Bob Novak (M73) 32:31.04

Peigen Jiang (M58) 33:16.87

Ann Tuberg (F62) 33:49.40

Bart Kale (M66) 37:08.21

Diana Thurman (F75) 37:30.09

Darlene Backlund (F76) 39:33.60

Judges: Lawrie and Gwen Robertson, Carol Langenbach, Dora Choi

Hayward Masters, Eugene, OR, May 7, 3000 m Race Walk

Name Age Team Finals

W 35
1Bosserman, Melissa W38 Unattached 17:19.32
 1Grimes, Kathryn W58 Unattached 17:02.76
2 Bridges, Debra W55 Unattached 19:06.48
3 Hawkins, Tammi W58 Unattached 19:52.56
4 Jackinsky, Carmen W58 Unattached
1 Flipsen, Johanna P W67 Alberta Race 17:56.94
W 70
1 Robeson, Maureen W72 Unattached 22:23.15
1 Thurman, Diana W75 Unattached 22:24.92
1 Rehder, William M65 Bipedalists 19:33.71 1
2 Kale, Barton M65 Unattached 21:59.05
1 Novak, Robert M72 Unattached 19:26.15
2 Robeson, Charles M74 Unattached 19:31.68
3 Mercure, George M73 Unattached 22:16.45

May 2022 T&F News results (click link for article by Elliott Denman)



Finally our first local event post-pandemic. Hooray.

West Seattle Stadium, Saturday, July 17
Temperature about 60 degrees, partly cloudy with not much wind
Judges: Gwen & Lawrie Robertson, Katie Burnett

Deb Bridges (W55) -- 31:18.99
Mike Rehder (M64) -- 31:35.42
Mardi Van Dyke (W56) -- 31:39.49
Ann Tuberg (W61) -- 32:23.03
Bob Novak (M72) -- 32:44.32
Ed Anderson (M77) -- 35:44.74
Bart Kale (M65) -- 37:08.61
Diana Thurman (W74) -- 38:00.37


February 8, Second Saturday Race, Green Lake, Seattle

National Indoors, Feb 14, Albuquerque, NM, Katie Burnett placed 5th in the 3K racewalk in 14:10.

Ann Tuberg cruised around the lake solo in 29:09, a nice time for the new 60 year age group she's now in.

Now local Katie Burnett ended 2019 ranked 3rd at 20K and 50K women's racewalks in the national rankings. Her 20K time was 138:21 finishing third in the USATF chanpioinships, and in 50K a listed time of 4:50:27 and a Pan AM time of 4:29:45.. We haven't had rankings like these since the days of Hern Nelson and Allen James. Congratulations Katie.


December 14, Second Saturday Race, Green Lake, Seattle

It was the Three Amigos at the lake on Saturday.  Ann, Mike and I walked the first two miles together before she sprinted ahead to the finish.  She recently celebrated her 60th birthday and was apparently raring to go.

Ann 30:40
Mike and Bob 31:02

September 14, Second Saturday Race, Green Lake, Seattle

Here (finally) are results from Green Lake last Saturday 9/14.  The race featured the return of Steve DiBernardo, still dealing with circulatory issues but looking pretty fit.

Steve and Mike Rehder:  28:32
Ann Tuberg:  31:57
Bob Novak:  32:32
Diana Thurman:  34:25
Richard Zerbe:  36:40

August 10, Pacific NW Masters Meet, West Seattle, WA.  5K racewalk. Bart says it rained for about half the race.  Results:

Deb Bridges:  30:56.83
Mike Rehder:  30:59.20
Ann Tuberg: 32:07.96
Ed Anderson:  33:33.77
Bart Kale:  36:29.09
Michelle Cunningham:  36:47.16

July 27, Washington State Senior Games, Tumwater, WA 5K, (Report from Bob) .It was a very select field for the WA State Senior Games on Saturday morning.  Mike Rehder was registered but didn’t make to the race.  That left 4 of us to carry on.

Bob Novak:  33:20.06
Ed Anderson:  33:22.53
Bart Kale:  36:45.43
Diana Thurman:  36:45.95

Bart and Diana had a really fine battle down the home stretch.  I was very happy with my time after being a bit disappointed in Albuquerque. Ed is 75 and had a really good time (although with 2 DQ calls on the board).

Judges:  Marie VerMeer and Roger up from Oregon,
Bob and Carole Langenbach.  Dora Choi was race director but didn’t judge.

Kona Marathon events 5K. June 30. I wimped out from usual 1/4 marathon and only did the 5K. Did a 33:34, fastest in 14 months, mainly due to no wind on this course. Lucked out and was 3rd of 5 in my age group among the runners.

National Senior Games, Albuquerque, NM, June 16, 5K racewalk

Bob (70-74):  34:33.95 (7th age group)
Bart (60-64):  37:25.89 (7th age group)
Diana (70-74):  37:36.02 (3rd place age group)

June 1, Seattle Parks Meet, 3K, Seattle, WA. It was a proper Pacific NW morning for the Seattle Parks Meet on Saturday, June 1, cloudy and cool with a bit of fog.  Here are the results from the West Seattle track:

Katie Burnett:  14:22
Ann Tuberg:  18:26
Mike Rehder:  18:31
Bob Novak:  19:18
Bart Kale:  21:08
Diana Thurman:  21:46

Judges:  Lawrie and Gwen Robertson, Dora Choi and Carol Langenbach


SSR, May11, Green Lake, Seattle, WA. It was a warm and sunny (and crowded) day at Green Lake on Saturday 5/11.  Here are results from the usual suspects:

Ann — 29:09
Mike — 29:10
Bob — 29:59
Diana — 33:52

March 30, Oregon Association 5K Championships, Milwaukie, Oregon.

















Open (1)


Emily Scheible

Oak Grove, OR

30-39 (1)


Melissa Bosserman

Oregon City, OR

50-59 (1)


Rebecca Stevens

Vancouver, WA

50-59 (2)


Deb Bridges

Portland, OR

50-59 (3)


Carmen Jackinsky

Aloha, OR

60-69 (1)


Chane Griggs

Salem, OR

70-79 (1)


Diana Thurman

Olalla, WA













40-49 (1)


Jue Shi

Portland, OR

50-59 (1)


Robert Piatt

Portland, OR

60-69 (1)


Mike Rehder

Seattle, WA

60-69 (2)


Bob Novak

Bainbridge Island, WA

60-69 (3)


Bart Kale

Silverdale, WA

70-79 (1)


Denny Robeson

Brownsville, OR

70-79 (2)


Bob Grable

Portland, OR

80-89 (1)


Sherwin Wilk

Portland, OR

80-89 (2)


Ron MacPike

Milwaukie, OR














10:10 (3 laps)

Stella Bruner

Tigard, OR



Don Delzer

Beaverton, OR





SSR, March 9, Green Lake

Mike and Ann: 29:08
Bob: 31:30
Diana: 33:59

(Cool with sunny skies and lots of dogs clogging the path!)

In Hawaii the same day I had a 33:58 5K on a finally flat course. Fastest in about 10 months although wish I had been at Green Lake withn the 1/4 mile splits as we had none so hard to tell if I was under the 11 pace I was hoping for. Next train for the 1/4 marathon in June, 6.55 miles.

SSR, February 9, Green Lake Snowed out as a few did a social walk in the cold.

February 2, Golden Gallop, Kona, HI. A nice cloudy morning and 76 so great weather for here and a lightly rolling 5K course out and back. I did 34:10 or 11:01 pace which is about what I've been doing here lately. Of course, training a little harder might help. LOL.

SSR, January 12, Green Lake, 2.8 miles, unjudged. Report from Bob.

It was really crowded at Green Lake on Saturday; the nice weather brought everyone out for a walk or run.  We had the usual group:

Mike, Ann & Dibo:  29:24
Diana & Bob:  34:19

Steve hadn’t planned on going that fast but said his heart seems to be back in a normal rhythm so Mike and Ann pulled him along.


SSR, Nov 10, Green Lake, 2.8 miles, unjudged. Report from Bob.

It was the usual select group at Green Lake on Saturday:

Mike and Ann:  29:00
Bob:  31:58
Diana:  33:57

SSR, Oct. 13, Green Lake, 2.8 miles, unjudged. Report from Steve.

Our laps went into easy under-drive while we enjoyed the last of the summer sun doing a winning battle this day.  Mike and Ann were in at about 34:30 and Diana walked with me as we ended Lap One in about 35:20 . . . approximately.  Might have been 35:21.87, though.

The Great Columbia Crossing, Oct. 14  Report from Bob Novak. For the first time, the entire bridge was closed to traffic so runners and walkers could use both lanes.  Weather was cool with strong, gusty winds.  I felt like a sailboat tacking left and right in order to move forward!  Despite that, my time was 1:13:52, which works out to an 11:54 pace.  Since my only real goal was to get under 12 minute miles, I was very satisfied.  Marsha and I stayed around until Tuesday morning before heading home.

PATH 5K, Kona, HI. Oct. 8. From Stan. I'm outliving my competition as did a 34:01 hilly and hot 5K and took first among the runners 70 and over. Won a pound of Kona coffee as a prize so recovered my entry fee. Now have a 3rd, 2nd, and first in my three big races since turned 70. Have Jingle Bell 5K here in December to see if my streak of places continues.

SSR, Sept. 8, Green Lake, 2.8 miles, unjudged

From Bob N.— I have some (well, 3) results from yesterday at Green Lake.

Steve DiBernardo:  28:46 (pushing the pace but not too hard)
Ann Tuberg & Bob Novak:  31:08 (a pleasant social walk)

The rest of our group is scattered around the world:
Mike — In Spain for the World Masters Meet
Glen — In South Africa for a triathlon
Diana — In Europe with her daughter for a river cruise

Report on Hood to Coast relays from Mike Rehder.

Well, another PTC is in the books. Our small but relentless crew in WA made a good showing this weekend as part of two winning teams. Ann Tuberg, as a long time member of Rock Bottoms, the formidable Women’s Masters Race Walking team. They extend their years of dominance in the Mother of All Relays. And Tall Mike, part of Between a Walk and a Hard Pace, repeated last years performance with another overall  first place performance and winner of the Open Mixed category. Competition was epic with only one minute and 39 seconds departing the two first two finishers. This Open Mixed team beat the Mens Masters team with a collection of athletes ranging from a 30 year old Olympic hopeful to a 72 year returning to competition. A true mixed team of walkers that regularly compete on the track, observed by judges. No running was employed in this back and forth battle decided in the last mile. Amazing stuff!

Women's: Rockbottoms | 25:09
Men's: Antiques Roadshow | 22:10
Mixed: Between a Walk and a Hard Pace |22:09 (Overall 1st Place)

August 11, SSR at Green Lake, 2.8 miles

Mike Rehder:  28:24
Ann Tuberg:  29:06
Bob Novak:  30:18
Diana Thurman:  33:16

Starter:  Steve DiBernardo !!

Yes, Dibo has emerged from what he called his “medical cocoon.”
I think it’s been over a year since I’ve seen him.  He’s still dealing with
poor circulation and a somewhat erratic heartbeat but says both issues
are much improved. In fact, he walked the social lap after the race and
kept up a decent pace. Let’s hope we continue to see him on a fairly
regular basis.

USATF National Masters, Cheney, WA July 27-29
5K Racewalk Locals and places

3rd Place, Tommy Aunan 59 - Pegasus A.C. 31:13.91
3rd Place, William Rehder 61 - Racewalkers Northwest 31:18.73
3rd Place, Robert Novak 69 - Unattached, 33:36.97
4th Place, Barton Kale 62 - Unattached, 38:53.67

10K Racewalk
1st Place, Karen Karavanic, 55 - Racewalkers Northwest 1:15:11.37
2nd Place, Tommy Aunan, 59 - Pegasus A.C. 1:03:30.03
3rd Place, William Rehder, 61 - Racewalkers Northwest, 1:03:24.69

Washington State Games, Tumwater, Saturday, July 21, 2018
Women's 1500 m
1 Debra L. Bridges 8:58.65 Portland OR
1 Linda G. Postenrieder 9:40.44 Oak Harbor WA
1 Suzanne B. Sharp 9:18.78 Prince George BC
1 Hazel M. Gregory 11:00.54 West Richland WA

Women's 5 K
1 Debra L. Bridges 31:16.9 Portland OR
1 Linda G. Postenrieder 31:58.9 Oak Harbor WA
1 Suzanne B. Sharp 33:43.4 Prince George BC
1 Diana M. Thurman 36:21.9 Olalla WA

Men's 1500 m
1 Richard O. Zerbe 10:53.99 Seattle WA
1 Floyd A. Smith 11:25.34 Olympia WA

Men's 5 K
1 Bart Kale 39:22.6 Silverdale WA
1 Bob Novak 32:26.9 Bainbridge Island WA
1 Bill E. Bruner 39:56.6 Olympia WA
1 Edwin R. Anderson 32:46.1 Langley WA

2018 USATF Northwest Region & Pacific Northwest Association Masters T&F Championships
July 14, 2018 | West Seattle Stadium | Seattle, Wash.

Name Age Team Finals
1 Rehder, William 61 Unattached 31:18.57
2 Kale, Bart 62 Silverdale, WA 40:26.86

1 Anderson, Edwin 74 Langley, WA 34:41.19

2018 PMTC Classic - 6/24/2018
Mt. Hood Community College

Name Age Team Finals

1 Jackinsky, Carmen W55 Rwnw 30:58.02
2 Bellerud, Nana W58 Unattached 33:58.00
3 Karavanic, Karen W55 Rwnw 37:04.88

1 Williamson, Conrad M62 Rwnw 37:07.83

1 Novak, Bob M69 Rwnw 32:32.63

1 Mercure, George M70 Rwnw 34:06.51
2 Robeson, Charles M71 Rwnw 34:14.08
3 Grable, Bob M70 Rwnw 34:42.32

1 MacPike, Ron M85 Rwnw 45:25.21
2 Vaughn, Dick M87 Rwnw 45:26.04

Seattle Parks Meet, June 2 at West Seattle Stadium:

Richard Zerbe:  10:45.07 (1500 meters)

Mike Rehder:  18:23.40 (3000 meters)
Bob Novak:  19:23.60
Bart Kale:  20:30.79
Diana Thurman:  21:37.82

June 9 SSR at Green Lake, 2.8 miles

Mike Rehder:  28:24
Glen Moore:  28:25
Ann Tuberg:  28:47
Bob Novak:  30:23 (now 69)
Diana Thurman:  32:54
Richard Zerbe:  34:55 (with pit stop)

The group graciously bought me coffee and a pastry after the race for 69th birthday.

May 6, Hayward Classic track meet, Eugene, OR. Despite an earlier forecast of hot weather, it turned out to be a cool morning last Saturday for the Hayward Masters Meet.  It was a last chance to look around historic Hayward Field since most (or maybe all) of the old stands will be replaced in anticipation of the World T & F Championships in 2021.  In fact, the meet won’t happen next year because of construction.

There were 11 walkers in the 3K.  Here are times for the locals:

Mike Rehder:  18:36.02
Bob Novak:  19:22.40
Bart Kale:  20:43.47
Diana Thurman:  21:26.13

April 14 SSR, Green Lake— It was a wet morning at the lake last Saturday.  We’ve had a lot of those recently.  However, it was fun because we had two guest walkers.

Katie Burnett & Amberly Melendez:  26:33
Mike Rehder:  29:20
Bob Novak:  30:10
Diana Thurman:  33:02

Katie brought along Amberly, who is now a student at Northwest University over in Kenmore.  She transferred from another school in Milwaukee and was 3rd in the national NAIA indoor meet at 3000 meters.  The two of them kept going as part of a 15K workout and we all went to coffee after that.  We hope they enjoyed spending time with three oldsters.  In May both of them are going to China as part of the US team for the World Racewalking Team Championships.  Amberly is
doing the 20K and Katie is doing the 50!

March 10, SSR, Green Lake, WA. (from Bob N.)  I’m not sure it would be entirely accurate to call it a race since we’ve become increasingly casual about the event. In any event, here is how we finished:

Glen Moore (walk/run style) — 26:07
Mike Rehder — 28:11
Diana Thurman & Bob Novak — 33:57

February 10, Yes, we actually had something of a race on Sat. 2/10 rather than the social walks of recent months. Turnout was pretty limited, however.  Diana apparently has an injury and Mike is in New Zealand with his wife.

Glen Moore:  25:51 (a PR in his power walking style)
Ann Tuberg:  28:54 Bob
Novak:  28:55


Second Saturdays past two months were just social walks in the rain so no results. Mike Rehder did the Portland half marathon racewalk in October in a nice 2:17:59. I did the Kona Coffee half marathon Nov. 11 in 2:26:40, to beat my time of two years ago as it was a little cloudier this year. Learned the value of a good taper in my first race in the age 70 division (8 days into it on the race day). Took a day off two days prior, and went easy except for a few light speed pickups for 8 days. Even lucked out and placed 3rd among the runners to win a pound of Kona coffee in the 70 and over division.

Sept. 16, SSR, There were just 4 of us at the lake last Saturday 9/9.

Mike Rehder and Ann Tuberg:  fast social walk in 27:27

Ed Anderson and Bob Novak:  not so fast social walk in 31:27

Diana Thurman was asked to join a Portland to Coast team at the last minute
after someone else dropped out.  She may be regretting that decision after
taking a tumble during her late-night leg.  At first she thought she was just
bruised and scraped (and finished her segment).   An X-ray the next day showed
that she had fractured her shoulder!  She is one tough competitor.

I did another 5K in Kona, first race since early summer, uphill first mile, then down a half, then up again, and then mainly down the last mile. 33:51. Under 11 is all I hope for on this course. Did I say it's 80 plus and sunny also. LOL. Hoping for a little better 5K next month where the hills are at least shorter and come and go as you go up and down.

August 11, SSR, only a social stroll due to low turnout, partially caused by Hood to Coast relay team participation. Mike's team finished first mixed walkers team, and Anne's team finished first masters women's team.

Seattle Masters Meet, held on Saturday 7/29 at Pacific Lutheran University.

Melissa Bosserman.  29:23.98
Deb Bridges.  30:38.16
Bob Novak.  31:38.14
Denny Robeson.  32:59.51
Richard Zerbe.  35:47.15
Diana Thurman.  36:11.25

July 22, Washington State Senior Games, North Thurston H. S. in Olympia.  (Tumwater track is being resurfaced.)
Conditions:  warm and sunny at racetime

Bob Novak.  31:43.71
Ed Anderson.  33:15.74
Richard Zerbe.  37:32.67
Diana Thurman.  37:43.66
Lori Graham.  39:25.07
Bart Kale.  44:57.10

Judges:  Gwen & Lawrie Robertson, Dora Choi, Michelle Cunningham

Lori reports that her time is a British Columbia age-group record.
Bart has a bum knee that really bothers him while racewalking (but not
so much for running) and took it pretty easy.

July 14, SSR, Green Lake, SeattleHere are the times from the Second Saturday race on 7/8; conditions warm and sunny.

Mike Rehder.  28:20
Bob Novak.  28:26
Glenn Moore.  31:56
Richard Zerbe.  32:26
Diana Thurman.  32:34

June 10, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle

Ann Tuberg.  27:40
Mike Rehder.  27:45
Bob Novak.  28:12  (now 68)
Richard Zerbe.  33:07

Zerbe is going to the National Masters in Baton Rouge in July.

Richard Zerbe did 11:29 at the Club NW allcomers 1 mile in May and says he hopes to get faster this summer.

Tommy Aunan, a local walker who only seems to compete internationally because he likes to travel, competed at the World Masters Games in Aukland, New Zealand in April. He took 6th in the 1500 with 8:21, 5th in 3K at 17:21m and 7th at 5K with 30:26. He's in the 55 age group.

National Senior Games, Birmngham, AL June 6/8

1500 M racewalk, Diana Thurman, 3rd place, 70-74 10:16
5000 M racewalk, Diana Turman, 3rd place, 70-74, 36:46

Seattle Parks Meet at Shoreline Stadium, Saturday 6/3.  Cool, dry & calm.

Melissa Bosserman.  16:56.07
Bob Novak.  18:25.53

Judges:  Lawrie and Gwen Robertson, Carole Langenbach

May 13, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle Race day was cool and windy but dry.

Mike Rehder.  27:50
Glen Moore.  27:58   (getting ready for Berlin Marathon)
Ann Tuberg.  28:03
Bob Novak.  28:58
Diana Thurman & Michelle Cunningham.  32:20
Richard Zerbe.  approx. 37 min.  (with pit stop)

April 30, Hayward Classic Masters Meet, Eugene, OR

1 Mile racewalk
W30 1 Pidgeon, Jessica W34 Unattached 12:48.74
M65  1 Robeson, Charles M69 Racewalkers 10:06.58 W65    
W65 1 Robeson, Maureen W67 Racewalkers 10:43.75
W70  1 Thurman, Diana W70 Club Northwest 10:54.51
M75  1 Copeland, Terry M79 Potomac Vall 15:32.80
M80  1 McPike, Ron M84 Racewalkers 13:42.28
M85  1 Vaughn, Dick M86 Racewalkers 14:31.82

3K Racewalk
W30  1 Bosserman, Melissa W33 Portland Run 17:13.13
W50  1 Bridges, Debra W50 Wonders of Walking 18:29.38
M60  1 Rehder, William M60 Racewalkers 18:19.77
2 Kale, Bart M60 Unattached 20:57.09
M65  1 Novak, Bob M67 Racewalkers 18:30.48
2 Robeson, Charles M69 Racewalkers 19:03.55
W70 1 Thurman, Diana W70 Club Northwest 20:52.86
M75   -- Copeland, Terry M79 Potomac Vall DQ
M80     1 McPike, Ron M84 Racewalkers 24:47.52
M85     1 Vaughn, Dick M86 Racewalkers 26:21.84

April 8, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle. It was the usual small group at Green Lake on Saturday 4/8.  Conditions:
cool and windy but (amazingly) dry.

Mike Rehder.  27:40
Bob Novak.  28:13
Ann Tuberg.  28:30
Diana Thurman.  33:05
Richard Zerbe.  34:49

March 11, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle. It was yet another wet day at the lake on Sat. 3/11.
(I'm really getting tired of typing that sentence!)  The small group did the race, skipped the social lap, and went directly to warm and dry Revolutions for coffee.

Mike Rehder.  27:44
Ann Tuberg.  28:35
Bob Novak.  28:36
Glen Moore.  29:03

Oregon 5K, Banks, OR High School track, Sunday 3/5. It was an ugly day to race.  The rain / snow mix quit just before we started.  That left just the wind and the cold!  Even by my standards it wasn't warm enough for a proper race.  I ended up with about 31:56, which probably was a decent effort for the conditions.  Then it rained most of the way home.  I think the highlight of the trip was stopping at our old Shari's in Longview for food. (from Bob Novak)

Melissa Bosserman.  29:18.03
Bob Novak.  31:56.28
George Mercure.  33:48.34
Dennis Robeson.  34:56.53
Diana Thurman.  36:22.25
(Dick Vaughn  DQ)

Judges (5):  Marie VerMeer, Jim Bean, Margaret Seewerker, Pat Swehosky, Conrad Williamson=

February 11, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle. It was a select group at the lake on Saturday.
Weather was cool but generally pleasant after several recent wet and windy days.

Glen Moore and Bob Novak -- 30:36. (would be a solid 5K time!)
Diana Thurman -- 33:23
Betty Goodman -- 35:53. (visiting from Minneapolis)

February 11, Senior Strut, Kona Hawaii

As usual here, course was a little off and several gps's showed 5.2K versus 5K. I sure miss track races where I know the actual distance. Only about 2 courses here so far I could count on. I did now buy a gps watch myself to verify training courses but don't want to wear two watches during a race, one for time and one for distance. LOL. So, I did 33:21, about 10:34 pace for this race. This one was also a little less hilly than usual but there were long gradual ups and downs which does slow my pace when the ups are early and downs are late when I'm too beat to take advantage of them. Have almost the same course this weekend but am told last year it was short. What can I say, such is Hawaii life. STAN

January 14, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle. Report from Bob Novak. Sunny but cold at Green Lake on Saturday morning.
Temperature at race time was about 30 degrees.  Luckily there was almost no wind.

Ann Tuberg. 29:03
Mike Rehder. 29:04
Bob Novak. 29:05
Dora Choi. 32:30
Diana Thurman. 32:33
Richard Zerbe. 34:44

As we were doing our social lap after the race, we were passed by Allan James. He's in Seattle visiting his mother.
He and his family have left upstate New York and moved to Southern California.  He intends to do the big SoCal race later this month but isn't sure whether he'll do the 50K or just 20.



December SSR weather was very cold so turned into a social walk,

November 12, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle.

I'm blaming Bob for the weather. Forecast for an overnight low of 49 and mostly sunny 60 degrees for Saturday; what we got were strong winds, 35 to 50 mph gusting, with rain, heavy at times, throughout our Saturday Green Lake procession. A true Pineapple Express for the five walkers present for this trip, we all got our tickets punched.

Cindy Jatul was timed for her first official Second Saturday event, posting a very nice 33:39, as I walked with her; and, we had a late showing for Patricia, who wanted a clinic, but met us on our second lap social warm-down, walking with us for the final 1.5 miles.

The Results:

1. 29:43  Ann Tuberg - 56
2. 29:43  Mike Rehder - 59
3. 32:49  Dora Choi - 50
4. 33:39  Cindy Jatul - 59
5. 33:40  Steve DiBernardo - 64

October 8, SSR, Green lake, Seattle

Timer DiBo saw three intrepid Green lake athletes cruise around in 57 degree weather with a slight wind, some gusts, which intensified after the timed lap. There was one Clinic attendee, Anne, who enjoyed the process enough to walk with us on the cool-down lap. She did over 3 miles and at a 38 minute AGL pace. Our own Ann Tuberg turned in another swift time, while Glen pushed hard with  help from bob to put in a pre-race effort as he prepares for the UW Dawg Dash 10km event.

1. 27:09 - Ann Tuberg
2. 28:00 - Glen Moore
3. 28:01 - Bob Novak

Sept. 25, One Hour Postal racewalk,Banks HS track, Oregon

Women (distance in meters walked)

30-39 Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg, 9,817.9, Aloha, OR
Melissa Bosserman 9,547.6 Happy Valley, OR
40-49 Erin Levin 8,031.8 Tigard, OR
50-59 Carmen Jackinsky 9,224.8 Aloha, OR
Nana Bellerud 8,925.9 Gresham, OR
Karen Karavanic 7,856.0 Portland, OR


50-59 Mike Rehder 9,539.4 Seattle, WA
60-69 Bob Novak 9,244.2 Bainbridge Island, WA
Dennis Robeson 8,265.5 Eugene, OR
80+ Dick Vaugn 6,600.2 Milwaukee, OR

August 13, Second Saturday Green Lake, 2.8 miles, unjudged

Temperature in the low 70's at the start, very light breeze, today's high eventually hit 86 degrees. Comments compliments of Steve.

1.  25:36    Steve DiBernardo, 63 - A 190 heart rate at the finish, still has the arrhythmia; yet, his fastest time since July, a year ago. Optimistic for the future.
2.  28:09    Bob Novak, 67 - Bob looking very easy with a nice acceleration to pull away from Mike.
3.  28:15    Mike Rehder, 59 - Hanging in tough while his hamstring continues to show improvement. Preparing for Portland to Coast!
4.  30:29    Rebecca Kettwig, 45 - A great improvement for Becca, her fastest lap of the lake since August, one year ago!
5.  32:46    Diana Thurman, 69 - Casual pace today, technically improving, and the speed will follow as she works on strength and tempo.
6.  32:47    Michelle Cunningham, 55 - In a good race with Diana, even in a casual pace, looking very good since her 33:41 5k at the Seattle Classic.
7.  34:47    Richard Zerbe, 77 - Superb technical improvement for Doctor Z, as he continues to work on arms and legs in balance.

July 30, USATF Pacific Northwest Open & Masters Track & Field Championships
Hosted by the Seattle Masters Classic West Seattle Stadium (Everybody got a 1st Place.)

Women 55-59 5000 Meter Race Walk
1 Cunningham, Michelle 55 Club Northwest 33:41.86
Women 65-69 5000 Meter Race Walk
1 Thurman, Diana 69 Unattached 35:16.72
Men 55-59 5000 Meter Race Walk
1 Rehder, William 59 Racewalkers 31:02.38
Men 60-64 5000 Meter Race Walk
1 Kale, Barton 60 Unattached 33:33.26
65-69 5000 Meter Race Walk
1 Novak, Robert 67 Club Northwest 30:47.87
Men 75-79 5000 Meter Race Walk
1 Zerbe, Richard 77 Unattached 37:09.83

July 16, Second Saturday Racewalk, 2.8 Mile, Unjudged. (report from Steve)

Our belated Second Saturday @ Green Lake was held this 3rd weekend, rescheduled due to the Region 13 Junior Olympic Track Championship, held last week. We traversed the loop, in concert with the Annual Milk Carton Derby, along with the usual great crowd visiting the park, and we had a good turnout considering the change in the date.

Diana, Michelle, Beth and Richard were otherwise committed, so we missed them this time around. I have also heard from a few others who've joined us in the past, so we may be seeing one or two more before the summer ends.

The weather was cool, though humid, to greet the six walkers at the starting line. One lap later, they posted these results:

1.  27:14  Ann Turberg (56) - With a goal of breaking 27 minutes, she was very close to making it! Next month?
2.  27:44  Mike Rehder (59) - Looking very strong, though short on training, with his world travels lately.
3.  28:26  BoB Novak (67) - Planned to do two casual laps and went pretty fast for this first one!
4.  30:40  Dora Choi (50) - I think Dora has really improved her technique and I believe she will go faster!
5.  31:46  Becca Kettwig (45) - Walked with Glen, physical therapy continues, solid technical effort.
6.  31:46  Glen Moore (67) - Without doubt, Glen is looking very strong, in his fastest Green lake loop since last year!

Submitted by Timer DiBo

(Sunday:  meanwhile, back at the lake 24 hours later (nearly to the minute) our intrepid Chronomaster, Timer DiBo, hoping to turn back the clock by traveling in a clockwise direction around the lake, was not successful in his quest, as he finished a lap of the lake exactly 24 hours and 27-ish minutes after the group had on the morning before. Back to the drawing board...)

Everyone got to meet our newest Clinic Attendee, Cindy Jatul, before they left for their casual lap. Like many of us who discover racewalking, Cindy is a former runner, looking for an alternative aerobic exercise that does not stress the injuries many of us have suffered. Also an avid hiker, she hopes to gain some endurance and cardio strength from racewalking, without the pounding we suffer from running.

News from the USA National Masters Track and Field Championship meet, held last weekend in Grande Rapids, MI, as our own Richard Zerbe traveled there to compete in the 5km Walk. He is making very good progress since his knee replacement surgery. Richard finished 4th, in somewhat windy conditions, posting a time of 37:17.15, in a close race. There was one DQ in Richard's age group, a rather well-known name; John Backlund. Richard drew only one caution during the race, a fine technical achievement.

For those of us preparing for a competitive test, remember that July highlights the PNTF Open and Masters Track and Field Meet, at West Seattle Stadium. Online and on time entry deadline is July 23, and can be found by clicking HERE. The meet features a 5km Walk that starts at 8:45am. Current entries as of this email are Diana Thurman, Richard Zerbe and Mike Rehder. However, these entries comprise age groups 30 and up, so I am not certain if we have any younger entries at this time.

The late entry deadline for this meet is the 27th of July. Age requirement is 19 and older to enter this meet.

To close, Richard and I met on Sunday at 10:am for a walk around the lake. Anyone wanting to join us at this time, most every Sunday, are more than welcome to join us. We walked the loop in 37 minutes. If I am unable to make it for Sundays at any time for the rest of the Summer, I will let you all know.

June 11, Second Saturday Racewalk, 2.8 Mile, Unjudged.

The weekend's cool June weather did not distract our group at all, as we had ten walkers present and 9 toe the line to take the 2.8 mile tour around Green Lake this month. Temps at 55 degrees, light wind, partly blue skies, only one week since the temperatures went above 90 degrees, our walkers set off into the wind. A very fast Ann Tuberg led them all back to the start in a very fast time. It was great to see this many out for the second Saturday walk and a pleasure to have Edwin Anderson be with us this month, looking technically sound recording a very nice time!  Results:

1. 27:35; Ann Tuberg, 56
2. 28:02; Bob Novak, 67
3. 28:06; Mike Rehder, 59
4. 29:41; Edwin Anderson, 72
5. 30:37; Dora Choi, 50
6. 31:06; Rebecca Kettwig, 45 (a very nice improvement for her, looking strong in her comeback from injury.)
7. 32:01; Diana Thruman, 69 (Look out, next age-group bracket! Here she comes!)
8. 34:00; Richard Zerbe, 77 (Just simply looking like a new man out there, technically the best I have seen him, since his knee replacement surgery.)
9. 34:00; Glen Moore, 67 (Helped Doctor Z to a very nice time for both, indeed.)

Timer; Steve DiBernardo, colder than the rest.

Heard from both Michelle and Beth, saying they were thinking us, but out of town for Beth and a Graduation event for Michelle. By August, who knows, we might have 12 finishers for our Green lake dash.

June 4, Seattle Parks Preview Track and Field Meet

Racewalking Results:

1500 Meter Walk

1. Beth Crane, 22, 9:54.75, Unattached, Redmond, WA
2. Dr. Richard Zerbe, 77, 11:13.44, Club Northwest, Seattle, WA

3KM Walk

1. Bob Novak, 66, 18:15.68, Unattached, Bainbridge Island, WA
2. Diane Thurman, 69, 20:41.84, Club Northwest. Olala, WA
3. Dora Choi, 50, 20:42.61, Club Northwest, Seattle, WA

There were three cautions during the race, all bent knee, with no athlete getting a DQ proposal from any of the judges.

Starter:  Bill HIckman
Chief Judge:  Steve DiBernardo

Judges:  Bill and Darlene Hickman, Lawrie Robertson, and five enthusiastic practicum applicants

May 14, Second Saturday Racewalk, 2.8 Mile, Unjudged.

A small turn-out for our May Second Saturday Green Lake walk. The weather was cool, with light winds from the southwest, cloudy, but no rain. There was one person to attend the Clinic, Gabe Currier, who is learning correct racewalking technique to prepare for the Portland to Coast RaceWalk Relay, to honor his father who passed away recently. His dad, James Currier, walked with the Sierra Racewalkers group and Beware Sierra for the Portland to Coast RaceWalk Relay, which he did for almost 20 years of the 24-year history for this long relay institution.

There were three athletes to toe the line for the fast lap at Green Lake. Dr. Richard Zerbe is back to training and looked very smooth and fit coming in for his lap, post knee replacement surgery.

Mike Rehder, 59, 28:18
Dora Choi, 50, 31:31
Dr. Richard Zerbe, 76, 36:54

April 24, Hayward Classic meet, Eugene, Oregon

Hard rain during 3K but otherwise OK weather. Here are results as compiled by Steve.

3000 Meter Race Walk
Finals - Women

1 16:46.36 - Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg W31 Racewalkers NW - Aloha, OR
2 18:33.32 - Debra Bridges W49 Wonders of Walking - Portland, OR
3 18:52.13 - Carmen Jackinsky W52 Racewalkers NW - Aloha, OR
4 20:27.23 - Diana Thurman W68 Club Northwest - Olala, WA
5 21:25.18 - Judy Heller W70 Wonders of Walking - Portland, OR

Finals - Men

1 17:47.90 - Mike Rehder M59 Racewalkers NW - Seattle, WA
2 19:47.68 - Barton Kale M59 Unattached - Silverdale, WA
3 18:01.24 - Bob Novak M66 Club Northwest - Bainbridge Isl, WA
4 17:58.47 - Goetz Klopfer M73* Oregon Track Club - Eugene, OR
5 25:37.15 - Dick Vaughn M85 Racewalkers NW - Portland, OR

*New Meet Record, set by Goetz Klopfer; old record, 19:50.20* 1989, G. O’Neal

DQ - Ron MacPike M83 Racewalkers NW - Milwaukie, OR

One Mile Race Walk
Finals - Women

1 8:35.10 - Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg W31, Racewalkers NW - Aloha, OR
2 9:27.81 - Carmen Jackinsky W52 Racewalkers NW - Aloha, OR
3 9:46.73 - Debra Bridges W49 Wonders of Walking - Portland, OR
4 10:48.76 - Diana Thurman W68 Club Northwest - Olala, WA
5 11:35.08 - Judy Heller W70 Wonders of Walking - Portland, OR

Finals - Men

1 9:16.95 - Mike Rehder M59 Racewalkers NW - Seattle, WA
2 9:34.60 - Goetz Klopfer M73* Oregon Track Club - Eugene, OR
3 12:26.42 - Ron MacPike M83 Racewalkers NW - Milwaukie, OR
4 13:55.74 - Dick Vaughn M85 Racewalkers NW - Portland, OR

*New Meet Record, set by Goetz Klopfer; old record, 10:00.98* 2003, Ron MacPike

April 9, Second Saturday Racewalk, 2.8 Mile, Unjudged.

The weather was very nice for us as April sunshine graced the lake, with mild wind and 55 degree air temps. While Ann Tuberg, Steve DiBernardo, Cheryl and Mike Skoda, Michelle Cunningham and a couple others were all missing the "official" loop this month, we still had four racewalking finishers with excellent times!

Other attendees included Glen and Bert Moore, Dora Choi and Richard Zerbe! These four, who walked for about 25 minutes on an out and back direction at a moderate pace during the official loop, returned in time to witness the finish.

Looking great technically, in early season form with fast times, are the finishers, led by Mike and Bob, who made a good race of it with a close times:

1.  27:25 - Mike Rehder, 59
2.  27:31 - Bob Novak, 66
3.  31:45 - Diana Thurman, 68
4.  32:28 - Rebecca Kettwig, 45 *Pushing up a notch through her physical therapy, looking good!

Timer:  Steve DiBernardo

March 12 Second Saturday Racewalk, 2.8 Mile, Unjudged.

With cool temperatures and a wind from the southwest, we had a good turnout and decent times, though it is still early in the year. As we see better weather it is my hope to see many of the people included in this email come out and join us. A few of us who have time head over to the Revolutions Cafe for some good coffee, muffins, cookies or scones - and great conversation, after our laps of the lake.

1. 27:45 - Mike Rehder, 56
2. 28:30 - Steve DiBernardo, 63
3. 28:55 - Bob Novak, 66
4. 31:23 - Michelle Cunningham, 54
5. 32:09 - Diana Thurman, 68
6. 32:43 - Rebecca Kettwig, 45
7. 32:43 - Glen Moore, 67
8. 36:38 - Kathi Mydland

March 6, 5K and 10K racewalks, Banks, Oregon







W30-39 (1)


Melissa Bosserman

Happy Valley, OR

W60-69 (1)


Maureen Robeson

Eugene, OR

W60-69 (2)


Diana Thurman

Olalla, WA


M60-69 (1)


Steve DiBernardo

Seattle, WA

M60-69 (2)


Bob Novak

Bainbridge Island, WA

M60-69 (3)


Dennis Robeson

Eugene, OR

M60-69 (4)


George Mercure

Portland, OR

M80-89 (1)


Ron MacPike

Milwaukie, OR

M80-89 (2)


Dick Vaughn

Portland, OR





Katie Smith

Ada, MI



Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg

Aloha, OR

February 13, Second Saturday Racewalk, 2.8 Mile, Unjudged., Steve's report: With cool temps at 43 degrees and no rain, the light southwest wind was tolerable. The rain held off until just after noon, and we were well away by then.

We enjoyed a good group today for our monthly walk around Green Lake, with 8 official times for the lap and an honorable mention for two new attendees, participating in the Clinic. They also did a complete lap of the lake, after our main groups' timed loop.

Rick and Sheryl, husband and wife, both enjoyed a clinic from Steve and then walked around the 2.8 loop, both using very good technique. Rick, 65, has participated in several Seattle to Portland bicycle events and Cheryl, 59, is formerly a soccer player, crew member, triathlete, now looking forward to racewalking, after a hip replacement. We completed the Green Lake Loop in under 39 minutes, a very good first time effort for both Cheryl and Rick. Well done, keep working together and stay with it.


27:47 - Mike Rehder, 56
27:56 - Steve DiBernardo, 63
28:14 - Bob Novak, 66
29:12 - Ann Tuberg, 56
32:20 - Diana Thurman, 68
32:48 - Rebecca Kettwig, 45
38:37 - Sandy (last name not yet known), 61 - First Walk!
38:37 - Dora Choi, 50

Dora was gracious in helping Sandy with pacing on this first walk, for her, at our Second Saturday event. Thanks Dora, and well done, Sandy!

Medical Notes:

Glen Moore has gone under the knife for shoulder surgery. We expect him to return as early as March, more likely April. And, for DiBo, this is his first time back to walking since December 12, 2015. His layoff was made more interesting due to a slip and fall on an escalator during a rainy afternoon, January 19, 2016. After recovering from a badly lacerated left ankle, he is happy to be back!

January 9, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged

Cold day around 40 degrees.  Some fog. Lots of strollers and a dachshund meetup group.

Mike   28:39
Glen   31:54
Three Amigos (Bob, Ann and Diana)    Social walk; time doesn't matter.


December 20, Jingle Bell Run 5K, Kona, Hawaii, Warm but decent morning, hilly course as usual and was happy to almost break 10 minute miles.

Stan Chraminski, 68, 31:20

December 12, Second Saturday Racewalk, Cold wet weather so times were off the usual paces for many.

Steve DiBernardo, 62 27:?? (finished first and no one caught the exact time)
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:45
Ann Tuberg, 55, 28.48
Bob Novak, 66, 29:05
Glen Moore, 65, 31:48
Diana Thurman, 68, 32:19

November 14, Second Saturday Racewalk, Five walkers on a 50 degree morning with some rain, a little wind and rain coats on all of us at the start. Pleasant coffee event following the walk.

Steve DiBernardo, 62. 25:53
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:51
Ann Tuberg, 55, 28:50.
Bob Novak, 66, 28:58
Rebecca Kettweg, 44, 34:10
(good effort with limited preparation)

November 14, Stan in Kona had a hilly half marathon in usual 80/60 heat, humidity conditions for a 2:27:04. Was very happy because only 20 seconds a mile off recent 10K pace. Able to push all they way on only 12 mile longest training walk. Found an old racing key lately in doing a few (5-6) 30 second hard pickups topped off with 1/4 mile hard the day before the race. Thought I was too old to do this final speed taper but worked twice now where race pace felt good the next day. Did a big 4 mile PR in a shorter tempo workout on this method. It takes fast turnover workout to get the speed going and day before light speed carries over I've found. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

October 10, Second Saturday Racewalk, Good turnout and a newcomer from Whidbey Island, Ed, welcomed to our group. We need his last name and age to complete our results page.

Mike Rehder, 55. 27:31
Bob Novak, 66, 28:32
Ann Tuberg, 55, 28:33
Glen Moore, 65,9:15
Ed Anderson, (age?) 29:40
Diana Thurman, 68. 31:35

Stan in Kona, Hawaii, reports two 10K races in the past month, both in high 80's temp with humid conditions. That's the current excuse. Plus lack of intense speed work other than 6 mile tempo walks. Now found a good park where I can do pickups and a .3 mile circle loop for speed training. Both 10K courses were somewhat hilly with long gradual uphills. Also, neither offered any split times along the way. Seems to be the trend here I guess. Times were 67:33 and 67:45, so consistent but barely under 11 pace. Planning on a half-marathon in November but mainly to finish versus race as long walks this summer have been only 10 miles. Plus, half has a very hilly section in the middle 3 miles. Hoping for a faster 5K during December Jingle Bell race.

Bob Novak won his 65-69 age group at the Huntsman Games in St. George, Utah the first week of October, in both the 3K and 5K racewalks. HIs times were 18:23.57 and 31.22. Either the altitude or a slightly long course in the 5K may have slowed the competitors. Congratulations Bob.

September 27, Hour Walk, Banks, Oregon



12,171.30 (1)

Erin Gray

Portland, OR


10,251.60 (1)

Katie Grimes

Newberg, OR


9,784.50 (2)

Rebecca Stevens

Vancouver, WA


9,040.90 (3)

Nana Bellerud

Gresham, OR


9,030.70 (1)

Maureen Robeson

Eugene, OR


8,758.20 (2)

Diana Thurman

Olalla, WA


7,885.90 (3)

Bertie August

Portland, OR



9,620.40 (1)

Mike Rehder

Seattle, WA


10,866.60 (1)

Steve DiBernardo

Seattle, WA


9,593.80 (2)

Rob Frank

Banks, OR


9,314.40 (3)

Dennis Robeson

Eugene, OR


8,476.90 (4)

George Mercure

Portland, OR


7,399.10 (1)

Ron MacPike

Milwaukie, OR



Dick Vaughn

Portland, OR

September 12, Second Saturday Racewalk, Lovely Greenlake walk this morning with six participants. No wind to speak of and no clouds either. It was a classic early autumn morning in Seattle. No fog yet. Path was fast with limited stroller action. Adolescent Cancer Care Awareness walk in progress, but it was not big enough to obstruct. No violations to report. No wardrobe malfunctions. No injuries. No noteworthy snippets to share. Two curious bystanders encouraged to make contact via the website.

Anne Tuberg, 55, 27:06
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:11
Bob Novak, 66, 27:18
Glen Moore, 65, 29:46
Dora Choi, 49, 30:18
Diana Thurman, 68, 31:19

August 8, Second Saturday Racewalk, Over cast, very humid, light to moderate winds, no rain

Steve DiBernardo, 62,  26:52 (Training pace, hard workouts again this week)
Mike Rehder, 55,  27:23
Bob Novak, 66,  27:47
Ann Tuberg, 55,  28:02
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 28:58
Glen Moore, 65,  28:58
Diana Thurman, 68,  31:09

Seattle Masters Classic - 7/18/2015
Pntf Open and Masteer Championships
West Seattle Stadium

Results - DAY OF MEET

W57,Graham, Lori,42:37.13
W68,Thurman, Diana,34:55.68
M55,DeMeester, Paul,29:56.27
M59,Kale, Barton, 34:27.27
M62,DiBernardo, Steven,26:46.58
M66,Novak, Robert,30:59.38

Judges: Bill and Darlene Hickman, Gwen and Lawrie Robertson, Dora Choi

Shelton Track Club 7/25/2015 - 7:01 PM
Washington State Games - Masters 2015 - 7/24/2015 to 7/25/2015
Tumwater Stadium

Event 5000 Meter Race Walk On Track Masters

1 Karavanic, Karen, W52, 36:36.23
1 Graham, Lori, W57, 42:06.63
1 Sharp, Suzanne, W62, 35:23.81
1 Williamson, Conrad, M60, 36:13.44
1 Thurman, Diana, W68, 35:23.31
1 Novak, Bob, M66, 30:42.86
2 Devaney, Michael, M65, 35:35.84
1 Bruner, William, M71, 37:04.22
1 MacPike, Ron, M83, 40:24.54

Shelton Track Club 7/25/2015 - 11:52 AM
Washington State Games - Masters 2015 - 7/24/2015 to 7/25/2015
Tumwater Stadium

Event , 1500 Meter Race Walk Masters

1 Graham,L, W57, 12:04.00
1 Sharp, S, W62, 10:25.40
1 Nelson, J, M60, 12:09.69
1 Devaney, M, M65, 11:05.89,
1 Johnson, D, W72, 10:48.18

July 11, Second Saturday Racewalk, Jim Fields was the timer and submitted the results again. Looks like Steve took off and the others had more of a group social walk.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 23:43 (An age group PR?)
Bob Novak, 66, 28:58
Ann Tuberg, 55, 29:04
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 29:04

June 20, Portland Masters meet 5K racewalk, Mt. Hood CC. Report from Bob Novak.

We had a pretty small field for the Portland Masters Meet at Mt. Hood CC
on Saturday (June 20).  Here are the results from the 5K.  Warm and sunny at race time.

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg   27:17.75
Bob Novak   30:46.24
Carmen Jackinsky   31:14.35
Nana Bellerud   33:00.24
Bianca Bartel   33:56.74
Bonnie New   34:37.20

There were 2 DQs and 1 DNF (Denny Robeson)Judges:  Marie VerMeer, Karen Karavanic & Margaret Seeworker

June 13, Second Saturday Racewalk, Good turnout. Jim Fields was the timer and submitted the results.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 24:39
Ann Tuberg, 55, 27:15
Mike Rehnder, 55, 27:22
Bob Novak, 66, 27:34
Glen Moore, 65, 27:53
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 28:04
Michellle Cunningham, 53, 31:02
Dianna Thurman, 68, 31:18

June 6 Seattle Parks Meet, 3K racewalk. Small turnout with summer activities going on. Thanks to the judging crew, led by Steve.

Bob Novak, 66 18:25.95 (turned 66 June 9)
Bart Kale, 58, 19:34.36
Dianna Thurman, 68, 20:24.5

May 9, Second Saturday Racewalk, Warmer morning with lake path already getting crowded. My last one for a while unless I make a trip back from Hawaii to participate. LOL. Steve paced Mike, rest of us raced pretty well.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 27:16
Mike Rehnder, 55, 27:16
Bob Novak, 65, 27:31
Stan Chraminski, 67, 27:39
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 28:19
Glen Moore, 65, 31:39
Dianna Thurman, 68, 31:21
Michellle Cunningham, 53, 35:08

April 26, Hayward Classic Meet, Eugene, Oregon 3Kk and 1 Mile Racewalks. Nice weather for 3K, a little warmer for 1 Mile, plus only a short interval to recover between the two. Here's Steve's report:

The 3k went off at 9:35am after a slight delay due to a hip number error was discovered at the starting line, with two of the athletes mistakenly took the same number. The Mile began at 11:40am, so a quick rest for those doing both.

Ann Tuberg set a new meet record for her age group in the 3k, obliterating the former standard by four minutes! Wow. I was able to set two new meet records, winning both events. I just did get Norm Frable's eight year old 8:12.66 with a nip at the finish line, stopping the clock at 8:12.55. It was a tough double, after a nice 15:51.00 3k, erasing Rob Frank's 2013 record by 36 seconds.

Weather, cool for the 3k at 47 degrees, after an overnight low of 36, with a light breeze of 3 mph at the homestretch corner, gusts to 5 mph. Strong rain the evening before, with light sprinkles early and late in the day. The Mile enjoyed a warming trend at 11:40 am, with a bit more wind.

3K racewalk, place in age group shown.

1 Jackinsky, Carmen W51 Racewalkers NW 17:40.01
1 Tuberg, Ann W55 Unattached 17:39.41
2 Bolm, Jill W57 Racewalkers NW 21:05.70
1 Robeson, Maureen W65 Racewalkers NW 19:50.68
2 Thurman, Diana W67 Club Northwest 20:28.89

1 Rehder, Mike M58 Club Northwest 17:54.18
2 Kale, Barton M58 Unattached 19:15.40
1 DiBernardo, Steve M62 Club Northwest 15:51.00
1 Robeson, Charles M67 Racewalkers NW 17:38.59
2 Novak, Bob M65 Club Northwest 17:52.28
1 MacPike, Ron M82 Racewalkers NW 23:29.94
2 Vaughn, Dick M84 Racewalkers NW 25:14.71

1 Mile racewalk, place in age group shown.

1 Jackinsky, Carmen W51 Racewalkers NW 9:01.32
1 Tuberg, Ann W55 Unattached 9:17.15
1 Robeson, Maureen W65 Racewalkers NW 10:16.00
2 Thurman, Diana W67 Club Northwest 10:41.76

1 Rehder, Mike M58 Club Northwest 9:16.72
1 DiBernardo, Steve M62 Club Northwest 8:12.55
1 Robeson, Charles M67 Racewalkers NW 9:11.69
1 MacPike, Ron M82 Racewalkers NW 12:18.64
2 Vaughn, Dick M84 Racewalkers NW 13:17.07

April 18, Magnuson Park course 1500 meter racewalks. Fantastic weather this weekend with calm sunny weather. Would have liked a bigger field but usual suspects attended minus those who had to work or be out of town. Thanks to Jan K, Dora, Michelle and Steve for judging so our concept of separate races worked out well. Dora and Jan judged both races, and Steve and I judged the women's race and Michelle judged the men's race. Close finish in the women's race, a spread evenly field in the men's. Results rounded to nearest second for women as electronic timer was not set up yet..

Women's 1500 Meter racewalk

Michelle Cunningham, 53, 9:51
Diana Thurman, 67, 9:54

Men's 1500 Meter racewalk

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 7:42.08
Mike Rehnder, 55, 8:40.23
Bob Novak, 65, 8:55.99
Stan Chraminski, 67, 9:03.40
Bart Kale, 58, 9:19.86

April 11, Second Saturday Racewalk, Cool day with a strong breeze. Good turnout.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 26:27
Mike Rehnder, 55, 27:20
Bob Novak, 65, 27:26
Ann Tuberg, 55, 27:33
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 28:48
Stan Chraminski, 67, 29:17
Glen Moore, 65, 31:20
Dianna Thurman, 67, 31:29

March 28, Bev LaVeck Memorial 3K racewalk, W. Seattle stadium. Decent weather but breezy along homestretch. First race of the year for most and form looked OK for the group. No DQs. Judges, Stan, Jan, and Michelle.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 16:00:48
Ann Tuberg, 55, 17:45.48
Bob Novak, 65, 18:03.48
Mike Rehnder, 55, 18:15.58
Bart Kale, 58, 19:27.49
Dianna Thurman, 67, 20:31.37

March 14, Second Saturday Racewalk, PI Day. Steve had a commerative shirt. We hit the PI number about mid-race. Again had a rainy day but better than Sunday when it set a record and rained all day. Rain did slow down after the race, like last month. Most again not in full racing mood. I've been beating myself up on a basement finishing job so was glad Bob volunteered to walk and chat versus racing. Steve was getting over pneumonia so also took it easier than normal.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 28:29
Mike Rehnder, 55, 28:29
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 29:09
Ann Tuberg, 55, 29:09
Glen Moore, 65, 31:27
Bob Novak, 65, 32:04
Stan Chraminski, 67, 32:04

February 7, Second Saturday Racewalk, Finally caught some of the Seattle rain during most of the race but did stop afterwards. Several of us did a social walk while other raced reasonably. To each his own.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 25:47
Mike Rehnder, 55, 28:35
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 29:53
Glen Moore, 65, 31:13
Bob Novak, 65, 31:19
Stan Chraminski, 67, 31:19
Diana Thurman, 67, 31:50

January 10, Second Saturday Racewalk, Same calm and cool weather for the third month in a row, so most felt perky and got back into racing mode. Rain held off until about 11 AM so we had another good day.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 25:34
Bob Novak, 65, 27:50
Ann Tuberg, 55, 27:55
Mike Rehnder, 55, 28:31
Stan Chraminski, 67, 28:35
Rebecca Kettwig, 44, 29:43
Diana Thurman, 67, 31:41
Glen Moore, 65, 32:54


December 13, Second Saturday Racewalk, Calm and cool again at 48 degrees as we had another bonus day after a week of wind and rain. Steve felt perky so took off while Bob and I decided to back off yet again. Such is old age.Todd learned to racewalk about 20 years ago and is now making a comeback. Once he's fully healthy he will be faster.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 2412
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 29:27
Stan Chraminski, 67, 29:56
Bob Novak, 65, 29:56
Todd Wagner, 63, 38:28 (first race of the year)

November 8, Second Saturday Racewalk, Calm and cool at 45 degrees but some sun so nice conditions. Steve, Bob and I decided since we hadn't done much speed training since the hour race, that a nice social walk was called for. Others also varied their effort as the season is winding down.

Steve DiBernardo, 62, 27:06
Ann Tuberg, 54, 27:06
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 29:13
Stan Chraminski, 67, 30:32
Bob Novak, 65, 30:32
Diana Thurman, 67, 31:21
Glen Moore, 65, 33:30
Nancy Patrick, 57, 34:00 (Season Best)

October 19, Hour Racewalk, Banks, Oregon. Foggy with high humidity but calm and 60 so decent conditions. Will post full results later but here are the local results in meters walked in 1 hour. The Club Northwest men's 60 team below did 30,456 meters so averaged over 10K each due to Steve's almost 7 miles. Bob and I just nipped over 6 miles each. Diana raced too but unfortunately had a leg injury that led to her being disqualified. There were 2 DQ's in the 13 person field with Steve the overall winner.

Steve DiBernardo, 6:132, 11,042.5
Stan Chraminski, 66, 9737.7
Bob Novak, 65, 9676.4

October 11 Second Saturday Racewalk, Cloudy with threat of rain but it held off until the afternoon. About 60 and very humid.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 23:48
Ann Tuberg, 54, 26:44 (season PR)
Stan Chraminski, 66, 27:31
Bob Novak, 65, 27:35
Michelle Cunningham, 53, 30:35
Diana Thurman, 67, 30:38 (PR)
Glen Moore, 65, 31:45

Oct. 5, Portland Marathon. Here's a report from Mariano Lazano\

A quick update. Just came back from Portland Marathon. It wasn´t too bad although I have all myself sore. It was a great race: wonderful weather (a little hot for my late standards), excellent organization, many volunteers and people supporting runners. There were both Nordic walkers and racewalkers. In the results I can see only 19 racewalkers although it seemed to me that I saw many more racewalkers with their identificative bands in their BIBs. As I´m getting older I have more competition ha! The 32 y.o. guy that finished last got a prize in his category haha. There was also a 82 y.o. man that actually did a great job finishing with a very good time for his age.

I did 2:26, a PR and the first Washingtonian in the list J but I paid a high cost for that; I really suffered because at mile 2.5 the road was a little rough and I hit something (a root, a junction, I don´t know) and I had pain for a few miles. Then, the course wasn´t so beautiful as expected (5-7 miles go and back through an industrial area, no nice at all). Anyway I had a lot of fun and I´m getting more convinced that I fit in the long races better than in the shorter ones.

September 20, Association 5K racewalk championship, Magnuson Park, Seattle. A little breezy and cool but decent conditions for our first official road course event in a few years. Thanks to Char, Jan, and Dora for helping me judge, and to John and Jim for running the DQ board process. Also thanks to Tahoma and Bill for their work in adding us to the Magnuson Park series races. (PS. - after judging I did the Mag. Park series 10K and had my best in a while with 61:11 and a 29:55 first 5K.)

Dmitry Babenko, 41, 22:48.1 (from BC area in Canada, this is his Masters PR)
Steve DiBernardo, 61, 26:25.13 (Steve's fastest of the year)
Ann Tuberg, 54, 30:03.37
Bob Novak, 65, 30:39.37
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 34:18.71
Bart Kale, 58, 34:39.20
Diana Thurman, 67, 34:52.56

September 13 Second Saturday Racewalk, Another sunny day in Seattle at about 60 degrees during the race. Cooler now as several wore long sleeves and a few brought gloves, just in case. Glen is back walking after a biking accident, and Mike is back after knee surgery.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 23:09 (recent PR)
Stan Chraminski, 66, 27:04
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 27:06 (PR)
Bob Novak, 65, 27:22
Mike Rehnder, 55, 28:37
Glen Moore, 65, 36:14

August 30, Marymoor Park Half Marathon, Unjudged. Humid morning anda bout 68 degrees with a flat course and accurate mile markers. Steve met his goal pace of 9 flat while I was pretty far off my goal and ended up almost 4 minutes slower than last year. Figured out I didn't defer to my age enough by doing a long hard tempo walk 10 days before and then the 5K a week before. Legs were dead by 5 miles and rest was a grind. There is such a thing as over-training, LOL.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 1:57:58
Stan Chraminski, 66, 2:20:54

August 24, Alki Beach 5K Unjudged. Nice morning with a flat course and accurate mile markers. That doesn't seem to happen too often on a road race course. Last tuneup for the half marathon as need to get a little speed back. Really happy with the result as did a 4 lake (11.2 miles) tempo walk on Thursday before.

Stan Chraminski, 66, 29:51

August 16, Snoqualmie Days 5K & 10K runs, Unjudged. Cloudy, and warm and humid but the 5K and 10K courses are almost flat so good workout courses for racewalking. Steve and I are preparing for the Aug. 31st Half Marathon and Steve for an Oct. 40k so a good training workout without tapering.

10K Steve DiBernardo, 61, 53:19
5K Stan Chraminski, 66, 30:14

August 9, Second Saturday Racewalk, Unjudged. A nice day at about 65 degrees during the race. It's been a hot summer and we avoided tomorrow's predicted 90 degree day. Had 5 new walkers at the clinic so almost matched our field size.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 24:12
Ann Tuberg, 54, 26:53
Stan Chraminski, 66, 26:55
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 27:41
Bob Novak, 65, 27:43
Jessa Podel, 13, 33:47 (paced her triathlete dad)

July 26, Washington Senior Games, Tumwater, WA. 5K Racewalk, Judges, Jan, Steve, Dora. Sunny day on the track but not bad conditions at 8:45 in the morning. Everyone was faster than last week. There were some lap mixups as the ladies were asked to do an extra lap but the finish times reflect the correct distance.

5K Racewalk

Stan Chraminski, 66, 29:46.86
Bob Novak, 65, 30:34.41
William Bruner, 70, 36:44
Michelle Cunningham, 53, 38:13.26
Diana Thurman, 67, 38:13.68
Lori Graham, 56, 44:01.52

Women's 1500 M.(place and age group shown)
1 50-54 Michelle K. Cunningham 9:43.39 Sammamish, WA
1 55-59 Lori C. Graham 12:18.09 Port Moody, BC
2 Linda L. Eddy 14:54.48 Ridgefield, WA
1 60-64 Cathy Unis 10:05.05 Portland,OR
1 70-74 Diane L. Johnson 10:50.14 Lacey, WA
2 Karen H. Ellick 12:26.08 Bainbridge Island, WA
1 80-84 Marlene A. Knechtel 13:23.16 Portland,OR

Men's 1500 M.
1 William E. Bruner 10:22.87 Olympia, WA
1 Richard O. Zerbe 11:01.85 Seattle, WA

July 19, Seattle Masters and Open Meet, 5K Racewalk, Judges, Jan, Gwen, and Michelle. Cloudy and humid day at about 70 degrees with a breeze on the homestretch so times not as fast as expected. Had a new walker from BC come down with some other BC competitiors in other events. Racewalking in BC has been lower key lately as few participants have been here for races, although their Olympic program has been going well. Border is slow crossing during the summer so that doesn't help either.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 27:11.58
Stan Chraminski, 66, 29:59.67 (talk about cutting it close on my goal of breaking 30!)
Bob Novak, 65, 31:27.02 (coming off an injury that limited training)
Bart Kale, 58, 33:45.21
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 34:37.71
Lori Graham, 56, 44:21.33 (BC walker)

July 12, National Club Championships, Mt. Tahoma HS, Tacoma Washington 5K racewalk.. Very hot day and race was at 12:15 so about 90 degrees on the track. Steve and Ann helped Club Northwest to a second place finish overall and for men's and women's teams at this national level event. Judges, Stan, Lawrie, Bill, Darlene, and Carole.

Men 5000 Meter Race Walk (Name, club, time)
1 DiBernardo, Steven - Club Northwest, 26:53.18
2 Harper, Steve - World Class club, 29:03.22
3 Jordan, Jeramey - Kansas City, 30:35.49
4 Ogelsby, Walter - Raleigh Walk, 36:28.50

Women 5000 Meter Race Walk
1 Tuberg, Ann - Club Northwest 30:51.57

July 5, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Nice but humid day as warm weather is starting. Bob has a bruised knee so not at 100%. Steve is fast getting ready for club championiships next week.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 23:53
Stan Chraminski, 66, 26:53
Ann Tuberg, 54, 27:01
Bob Novak, 65, 28:54
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 28:54
Diana Thurman, 67, 31:15
Nancy Patrick, 57, 34:14
Richard Zerbe, 75, 35:14 (coming off an illness break)

June 29, Hayward Masters Meet, 3K racwalk, Eugene Oregon

1 Mile Race Walk (place shown by age group)
1 Grimes, Katie W50 Racewalkers NW 8:41.41
2 Karavanic, Karen W51 Racewalkers NW 11:09.60
1 Williamson, Conrad M59 Racewalkers NW 11:07.17
1 Frank, Rob M61 Racewalkers NW 9:07.42
2 Estrin, Joel M63 Unattached 10:01.94
1 Robeson, Maureen W65 Racewalkers NW 10:22.79
1 Robeson, Dennis M67 Racewalkers NW 8:39.62
2 MacPike, Ron M81 Racewalkers NW 11:39.97
3 Vaughn, Dick M83 Racewalkers NW 13:18.57

3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Grimes, Katie W50 Racewalkers NW 16:31.92
M55 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Kale, Barton M58 Unattached 19:20.29
M60 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Frank, Rob M61 Racewalkers NW 17:01.37
2 Estrin, Joel M63 Unattached 19:15.24
W65 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Robeson, Maureen W65 Racewalkers NW 19:25.86
M65 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Robeson, Dennis M67 Racewalkers NW 17:09.59
2 Chraminski, Stan M66 Club Northwest 17:53.28
M80 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 MacPike, Ron M81 Racewalkers NW 22:14.73
2 Vaughn, Dick M83 Racewalkers NW 24:06.75

June 21, Junior Olympics Association Meet, Renton, WA, Judges Stan, Michelle, Dora, Steve, Char, Darlene.

Junior Olympics Association Meet 3000 Meter Race Walk 17-18 Div Women
1 1206 Smitha, Monica 97 Kitsap Flier 22:13.22 3000 Meter Race Walk 13-14 Div Girls
1 1257 Podell, Jessa 00 Rain City Fl 22:33.05
2 1248 Dillard, Trinity 01 Rain City Fl 25:01.42 3000 Meter Race Walk 15-16 Div Girls
1 1204 Nogoy, Isabelle 99 Kitsap Flier 22:33.05

June 21, 2014 Portland Mt. Hood Masters T&F meet, 5K racewalk

W50 Grimes, Katie 28:22.97
Bellerud, Nana 32:32.42
W60 August, Bertie 36:31.35
W65 Robeson, Maureen 33:04.31
M60 Frank, Rob 28:49.52
Estrin, Joel 32:49.66
M65 Robeson, Dennis 29:40.37
Novak, Bob 30:03.72
M80 MacPike, Ron 37:22.99

June 14, 2014 Northwest Regional Open Track & Field Championships, 5K racewalk on a cool morning at West Seattle Stadium. Only Steve and Ann entered as they wanted current qualifying times for the Club Championships in July and both did well under the required times. Judges were Stan, Jan, and Carole.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 27:24.7
Ann Tuberg, 54, 30:07,55

June 7, Seattle Parks Meet, West Seattle Track, 3K racewalk with 1500 M accompanying as Richard was the only entrant. Judges Stan, Jan, and Carole. Decent day with nice conditions as didn't warm up until later in the day.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 16:.21.3
Bob Novak, 64 ,17:41.9
Ann Tuberg, 54, 17:50
Bart Kale, 58, 19:06.5
Diana Thurman, 67, 20:15.2
Richard Zerbe, 75, 11:25

May 10, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Nice but cool day again. Largest field in a while, with Mike R. dropping out due to a sore foot, or we'd have had one more racer for a dozen.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 25:00
Bob Novak, 64, 27:01
Ann Tuberg, 54, 27:23
Stan Chraminski, 66, 28:11
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 28:44
Glen Moore, 65, 30:06 (PR)
Diana Thurman, 67, 30:59
Dora Choi, 48, 33:19
Nancy Patrick, 57, 33:52, 1st time racer here
Dave Pithkethly, 78, 34:36
Richard Zerbe, 75, 33:45

May 4, Banks, Oregon. Here is the report from Bob N.
The turnout was very small for the race over the weekend.
I had a pretty good 5K and might have been able to nip under 30
minutes if it hadn’t been quite so windy. Rob planned to do 20
but wasn’t feeling well and had to drop out after 10. That was
Ashley’s first 20 and she looked very smooth the whole way.

Oregon Association 20k and Non-Championship 10k/5k Results

Banks High School, Sunday, May 4th. It was a wet race. Here are the results:
20k - 1. Katie Grimes (2:04:39.63) 2. Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg (2:08:23.81) Rob Frank (DNF)
5k - 1. Bob Novak (30:06:16) 2. Ron MacPike (37:44:00)
Since everyone was in separate age divisions, it was gold medals all around.

April 19, 3K at Magnuson Park, unjudged. Calm and cool morning where we lucked out with an early start at 8:30 because near 10 it started to pour all over Seattle. Half marathoners at the Magnuson Park series race that started at 10 were probably soaked, plus it. Our new 750 meter (1500 per loop) course worked well and the endpoint turnarounds didn't seem to bother the racers too much. The 750 meter straight shot on a flat road seems to make up for the cone turns as the times were fast. I lightly judged the race and everyone except our newbie at this first race, Mike F., looked great..

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 16:27
Bob Novak, 64, 17:34
Mike Rehnder, 55, 18:37
Bart Kale, 58, 19:49
Richard Zerbe, 75, 23:38
Mike Fitzjohn, 64, 25:01

April 12, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Nice but cool day with the sun not coming out until afternoon.. A nice turnout with the lake a little crowded as it was a dry day.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 25:05
Bob Novak, 64, 27:28
Ann Tuberg, 54, 27:40
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 28:55
Stan Chraminski, 66, 29:09
Glen Moore, 65, 30:38 (PR)
Michelle Cunningham, 52, 31:10
Diana Thurman, 66, 31:11

March 29, Spring Break Track Meet, Bev LaVeck memorial 3K racewalk. We lucked out and the rains held off for an hour while we raced although it was cool and breezy. A great turnout and some fast early season times. Judges were Stan Chraminski, Darlene Hickman, and Jan Kavadas

- Men 3000 Meter Race Walk
Plc Name Year Finals
1 DiBernardo, Steve, 61, 16:40.66
2 Novak, Bob, 64 18:03.37
3 Rehder, Mike, 55, 18:18.03
4 Byram, Lloyd, 20, 19:25.19
5 Kale, Bart, 58, 19:26.68
6 Pitkethly, David, 78, 23:55.35

- Women 3000 Meter Race Walk
Plc Name Year Finals
1 Tuberg, Ann, 54, 18:36.56
2 Thurman, Diane, 66, 20:21.57

March 8, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Again the rains held off until afternoon although we had a slight sprinkle on the racers. About 45 degrees with a little breeze. and pretty calm. Steve is pushing hard still as he hopes for a Club Nationals qualifier time this spring. Bob and I improved as did others. Maybe next month will bring better training weather.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 25:43
Bob Novak, 64, 28:21
Stan Chraminski, 66, 28:30
Mike Rehnder, 55, 28:40
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 29:25
Diana Thurman, 66,31:34
Dave Pitkethly, 78, 34:07
Nancy Patrick, 57, 35:21 (came to last month's clinic and improving rapidly.)
Linda Mattoon, 53, 40:10 (did a pre-clinic walk and then attended the clinic.)

February 1, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Nice morning for this time of year, about 40 degrees and pretty calm. Steve raced hard while Bob and I were under the weather so had a social tempo walk. Rest of the crew did well for an early in the year race.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 25:39
Mike Rehnder, 55, 29:13
Michelle Cunningham, 52, 30:04
Bob Novak, 64, 31:00
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 30:04
Stan Chraminski, 66, 31:00
Diana Thurman, 66, 31:18

January 11, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Very windy on Seahawks playoff game monsoon day but we lucked out and it didn't rain much on us during the race nor warmdown lap. No one was in a mood to race though so we did mainly a social walk in groups.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 29:12
Ann Tuberg, 54, 29:12
Bob Novak, 64, 29:53
Rebecca Kettwig, 43, 30:30 (Back after several years of injuries)
Stan Chraminski, 66, 32:11
Glen Moore, 65, 32:11 (PR)


2013 Results

December 14, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. CA decent morning at 45 degrees and calm after a cold and wet week before. Steve stripped down to shorts and T-shirt and raced while Bob and I did more of a social walk. Mike had his arthroscopic knee surgery this week and we hope to see him out next month fully healthy.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 25:34
Bob Novak, 64, 29:50
Stan Chraminski, 66, 29:52
Diana Thurman, 66, 31:52
Glen Moore, 65, 34:54 (PR)

November 9, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Cool morning but sun came out and was calm so we are getting more bonus racing days despite the season.

Steve DiBernardo, 61, 25:57
Stan Chraminski, 66, 27:07
Bob Novak, 64, 27:37
Mike Rehnder, 55, 29:22 (Having minor knee surgery next month. All hoping it goes great.)
Mariano Lazano, 47, 29:51
Rebecca Kettwig, 41, 31:34 (Coming back after an injury layoff.)
Diana Thurman, 66, 31:34

Other recent results:

Katie Burnett won the National 30K championship on Sept. 14 in New York with a 2:37 time. Nice going.

Mariano Lazano walked 2 longer races recently: Sept. 29, Bellingham half-marathon, 2:32:38 and Oct 27,Snohomish River half-marathon, 2:29:54. Mariano's times keep getting faster. Way to go.

Hour Walk, Banks, Oregon. Oct. 27. Cool and rainy. Times equal meters walked in one hour.


(1) Erin Gray – Lebanon, OR: 12,828.1
(2) Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg - Aloha, OR - 9815.8
(1) Catalina Tamez - Beaverton, OR: 8025.7
(1) Katie Grimes - Sherwood, OR: 10,289.8
(1) Carmen Jackinsky - Aloha, OR: 9669.9
(2) Nana Bellerud, Gresham, OR: 9267.4
(1) Maureen Robeson – Eugene, OR: 8885.7
(2) Diana Thurman – Ollala, WA: 8437.5
(3) Bertie August – Portland, OR: 8159.4

(1) Dennis Robeston - Eugene, OR: 9866.7
--Rob Frank - Banks, OR: DNF
(1) Ron MacPike - Milwaukie, OR: 7966.9
(2) Dick Vaughn - Portland, OR: 7297.6

Bob Novak did the Astoria Bridge 10K Oct. 12th in 64:30 and reports a pretty good hill up and down mid-way, plus a slow section in last mile. Glen Moore did the Victoria Half-Marathon Oct. 13th in 2:43, a 3 minute PR so is on a nice improvement track on his plan to do a full marathon in the future.

October 12, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Cool morning but calm as rain just stopped a little before we gathered. Small turnout for the race but the Seattle Times Pacific magazine fitness article about racewalking drew in 15 people for our clinic, the larget group in quite a while. Race times a little slow as a couple of us not into that hard an effort today.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 27:14
Stan Chraminski, 65, 27:41
Mike Rehnder, 55, 28:24
Dave Pitkethly, 77, 33:43

September 14, Katie Burnett won the National 30K title in New York with a time of 2:37:38.

September 14, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Cool morning again with humidity. We are cooler now after a record setting 93 on Wednesday. Best year of heat training in Seattle ever. Off this heat training I did a 62:35 10K in Maui's heat plus a hill at the end of the course.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 26:52 (helped pace me after not walking all month)
Stan Chraminski, 65, 26:53
Bob Novak, 64, 27:27
Mike Rehnder, 55, 28:15
Ann Tuberg, 53, 28:46
Diana Thurman, 66, 32:32

Marymoor Park 1/2 Marathon. Sept, 2. Pretty warm and sunny morning but the course was mainly flat and good aid stations, and pre and post race amenities. Nice black long sleeve shirt although printing on front is huge. My first half in over 10 years so challenging once past my normal 10K racing distance. Learned I can't go out at 10K pace and not run into trouble later on. Glen also raced the Skagit Flats half-marathon the weekend after this one, a little slower he said. Way to go Glen.

Stan Chraminski, 65, 2:17:28 (Turned out to be 2nd in the age group of runners! Getting old is good.)
Glen Moore, 65, 2:46

August road races etc. Catching on some results from our road racers. Mariano Lazano has been busy this year. Here are his results. His times are coming down well

3/3/2013 Green Lake March Forth Fun Run 10k 1:12:17
3/16/2013 Kirkland Shamrock 2013 5K 0:36:54
4/6/2013 Hell to Cancer 5K Redmond 0:35:55
4/27/2013 Can Do Bothell, 5K 2013 0:31:14
5/5/2013 BMO Half Marathon Vancouver Run 21.09K 2:39:45
6/15/2013 White River 5K, Buckley WA 0:34:13
6/22/2013 Seattle Rock-n Roll Half Marathon 21.09K 2:35:56
8/5/2013 Spirit of Bellevue 12K, 1:26:05
8/18/2013 Lake Union 10K, 1:08:16

Mike Rehnder and I did the 10K August 24 that started at Gasworks Park and was part of the Seattle Marathon events.

Stan Chraminski, 65, 1:01:46
Mikw Rehnder, 55,1:03:30

August 10, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Cool morning with a strong breeze slowed us down from last month. Had a Seattle Times photorgapher at the clinic afterwords and we should see an article in the Times fitness section sometime next month.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 25:18
Stan Chraminski, 65, 26:40
Bob Novak, 64, 27:19
Mike Rehnder, 55, 27:42
Michelle Cunningham, 52, 29:58
Mariano Lazano, 47, 30:08
Ann Tuberg, 53, 33:00 (easing back to be ready for relay in Portland)
Dave Pitkethly, 77, 34:16

Here's a report from Diana Thurman on the National Senior Games, held in Cleveland, Ohio, where she won two silver medals. Way to go..
You guys have to go. They treated you like celebrities.
1500 meter..10:02.51 A Silver medal. (12 women in my age group, two were DQ'D) The venue was at Wallace-Baldrin woven track.
5000 meter..36:39.70 A Silver medal. ( 7 women in my age group, no DQ's) The venue was downtown Cleveland, on the street. Five times around 1k course with an uneven road and  two tight coned loops. Holy moly. The only thing that was tired was my brain. I've never ever concentrated so hard in my life. Judges were at the cones. Everyone said don't worry about your time, just don't bend your knee. WHEW!!!

Puget Sound Senior Games Racewalks, July 27. Cloudy and cool but humid weather. Tumwater, WA A good turnout despite the Nationals conflicting with the date. Again times seemed a little slow, even from last week's repeaters. Judges: Lawrie and Gwen Robertson, Jan Kavadas, Jim Fields (5K) and Stan Chraminski (1500). Age groups spread out so many first place finishers.

Race Walk - 5 K
F 50-54
1 Michelle K. Cunningham 34:07.5
F 60-64
1 Iris Feinberg, 39:19
F 65-69
1 Diana M. Thurman 35:25.5
M 60-64
1 Bob Novak 30:04.5
M 65-69
1 Stan Chraminski 29:54.2
2 Terry Buchanan, 34:19.2
3 Bill E. Bruner 35:33
M 80-84
Ron McPike, 37:18.5

Race Walk - 1500 m
F 50-54
1 Michelle K. Cunningham 9:28:.4
F 70-74
1 Karen H. Munro 12:20.7
1 Barbara Ryan, 19:50.1
M 55-59
1 James M. Nelson 12:19.57
M 60-64
1 Christopher Penoyer, 12:14.15
M 75-79
1 Richard Zerbe, 11:04.0
M 81-84
1 Ron McPike, 10:55.38

July 20, Seattle Classic T&F Meet, W. Seattle Stadium, 5K racewalk. Great cool and cloudy weather in the morning despite the recent hot afternoons. Judges, Stan Chraminski, Lawrie Robertson, Jan Kavadas. 1 DQ.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 27:38.26
Bob Novak, 64, 30:03.58
MichelleCunningham, 52, 33:36.72
Dora Choi, 47, 34:31.26
Diana Thurman, 66, 35:01.77
John King,76, 49:20.53

July 13, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Biggest turnout of the year. Several new walkers as well as an appearance by former National Team Walker Phillip Dunn who was visiting in Seattle. Also, Erin from Portland area was doing a workout at the lake so jumped in with Phillip and Steve and helped pace them. Glen and Jerry did their first racewalk races, as did Mariano who did a fantastic first race as well as had nice smooth form as a self-taught walker. He says it's the Spanish heritage and dancing. Nice 65 degree day although we had to dodge the milk-carton derby at the south end of the lake. Fastest time of the season for most of us.

Phillip Dunn, 42, 24:27
Steve DiBernardo, 60, 24:49
Stan Chraminski, 65, 26:23
Bob Novak, 64, 26:53
Mike Rehnder, 55, 27:42 (PR)
Dora Choi, 47, 30:21
Mariano Lazano, 47, 30:41
Diana Thurman, 66, 31:21
Dave Pitkethly, 77, 32:18
Glen Moore, 65, 35:39
Jerry Reitman, 65, 39:28

June 29, Hayward Classic Masters Meet, Eugene, Oregon. Warm morning but calm with good times for most.

Overall place, name, age, location, time

W45 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Grimes, Katie W49 Sherwood, OR 16:00.09
3 Bridges, Deb W47 Portland, OR 19:04.36
W50 3000 Meter Race Walk
2 Jackinsky, Carmen W50 Beaverton, OR 17:23.46
W55 3000 Meter Race Walk
5 August, Bertie W59 Portland, OR 21:36.65
W60 3000 Meter Race Walk
4 Robeson, Maureen W64 Eugene, OR 20:00.56
M60 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Frank, Rob M60 Banks, OR 16:27.22
2 Novak, Bob M64 Bainbridge Island, 18:04.77
M65 3000 Meter Racewalk
1 Robeson, Dennis M66 Eugene, OR 17:12.85
2 Chraminski, Stan M65 Seattle, WA 17:38.36
M80 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 MacPike, Ron M80 Milwaukie, OR 22:16.08

June 8, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Smaller turnout on a cooL morning at about 60 degrees. Saw a couple in bathing suits go into Green Lake before the race. Yikes. Bob was under the weather, and I suffered from too much yard work. Steve, Dora and Diana were faster than last time.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 25:02
Stan Chraminski, 65, 27:29
Michelle Cunningham, 52, 30:26
Bob Novak, 63, 30:55
Dora Choi, 47, 30:59
Diana Thurman, 66, 31:26

June 1, Seattle Parks and Recreation Dept. Track and Field Meet. Lightly judged as only 2 judges available.

7 competitors in the 3K, 3 in the 1500M. Warm morning with the sun coming in and out of the clouds.

3000 Meters

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 16:38
Ann Tuberg, 53, 17:34,6
Bob Novak, 63, 17:55
Michelle Cunningham, 52, 19:05.6
Bart Kale, 57, 19:21
Diana Thurman, 66, 20:34
Dora Choi, 47, 20:43

1500 Meters

Richard Zerbe, 74, 11:14
Larson Ruggles, 78, 15:37
Ron Snipe, 68, 15:38
Latter two not really racewalking and would have been disqualified in a fully judged race.

Race roundups of other local competitors.

Katie Burnett was 3rd overall in the USATF National 10K at Farmingville, NY, May 5, in 48:39.92. Katie was also 3rd overall at the Penn Relays 5K in Philadelphia in 23:50 on April 27th.

Tommy Aunan, 54, was second in his age group a the USATF National 15K at Riverside California, May 19th, in 1:30:07

May 11, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Good turnout with 9 competitors. Dave is a local runner converting to racewalk competition - welcome. Richard Zerbe back after some injuries and a layoff for a while. I'm finally healthy after a spring long bout with allergies, now need to get faster.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 25:55
Bob Novak, 63, 27:06
Stan Chraminski, 65, 27:19
Ann Tuberg, 53, 27:42
Mike Rehder, 55, 28:10
Dora Choi, 47, 31:35
Diana Thurman, 65, 31:53
Dave Pitkethly, 77, 33:53
Richard Zerbe, 74, 36:19

Sunday, May 5, 2013 - Banks, Oregon, High School Track 5K. Hot for early season, plus windy so times not up to par this day.

1. Rob Frank, Banks, OR - 29:02.8 (M60-69)
2. Carmen Jackinsky, Aloha, OR - 30:05.3 (F40-49)
3. Bob Novak, Seattle, WA - 30:46.6 (M60-69)
4. Nana Bellerud, Gresham, OR - 33:48.3 (F50-59)
5. Megan Holley, Beaverton, OR - 34:46.8 (FOpen)
-- Michelle Holley, Hillsboro, OR - DNF
Judges: Marie VerMeer, Chief Judy Heller George Opsahl Margaret Seewerker

April 13, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Still cold weather with 41 and breezy at the start. No one felt like racing too hard so times a little slow, plus a few minor injuries prevailed. Bad news in that Brian Peterman has a hip problem that is aggravated by racewalking so may have to "retire" from the sport. We will miss you Brian. Everyone is looking forward to nicer weather and training for the June and July races.

Bob Novak, 63, 27:48
Mike Rehder, 55, 28:24
Ann Tuberg, 52, 30:33
Stan Chraminski, 65, 30:33
Diana Thurman, 65, 31:56
Dora Choi, 47, 33:34

March 30, Spring Break Track meet, Bev McCall memorial 3K racewalk. Nice sunny day in Seattle on the West Seattle Stadium track and about 55 degrees for the race at 10:30 am start. Steve qualified as a National Masters All-American with his time. Judges: Stan, Char, and Carole. Melissa from Oregon by herself lowered our average age of the competitors by a few years.

Steve DiBernardo, 60,16:15.79
Ann Tuberg, 52, 17:25.43
Melissa Bosserman, 29, 17:28:83
Michelle Cunningham, 52, 19:26.69
Bart Kale, 57, 19:53:18
Diana Thurman, 65, 20:31.3
Dora Choi, 47, 21:12.62

March 17, Pan Am Cup Trials, Huntington Beach, California.

There was a good contingent of Oregon walkers from RW Northwest group there and Katie Burnett of our Club Northwest finished 3rd among the women to claim a spot on the Pan Am Cup racewalk team in May. Here are the top results with local finishers: 1. Maria Michta, 1;35.38, 2. Miranda Melville, 1:37:58, 3. Katie Burnett, Club Nothwest,1:39:32, 9. Katie Grimes, RW Northwest, 2:01.02, 11. Carmen Jacinsky, RW Northwest, 2:09.10.

On the men's side, Rob Frank from RW Northwest was 16th in 1:58, a good time for a newly turned 60 year old.

March 9, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles.
Same as last month, about 38 and foggy but calm. Sun came out during the warm down lap again. Maybe we need to hold these at 10 am, but then on a nice day the lake path is too crowded. Several folks had minor injuries so times not as fast as expected and became a social effort for some. Looking at results I realize we are all within 13 years in age. We need to recruit a few younger walkers for sure, even if they beat us all. Had two prospects at the clinic this morning but only one would help too much with the age issue.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 27:10
Bob Novak, 63, 27:10
Ann Tuberg, 52, 27:50
Mike Rehder, 55, 28:20
Michelle Cunningham, 52, 29:46
Diana Thurman, 65, 31:24
Stan Chraminski, 65, 32:40
Brian Peterman, 63, 32:40

USA National Indoor 3,000 championships, March 3, 2013

We now have a new national and international class young racewalker, Katie Burnett, who just moved back to Bellevue, Washington, to follow. Here are her results at the Indoor Nationals and her ranking at the 3K for the past season. Nice job Katie.

Maria Michta, 13:07.07
Erin Gray, 13:17.90
Miranda Melville, 13:24.96
Katie Burnett, 14:07.36
Susan Randall, 14:30.93

Women's 3,000 list. as of Feb, 2013

13:19.69 Erin Gray
13:48.08 Erin Taylor-Talcott
13:50.53 Katie Burnett
13:52.01 Katie Burnett

13:53.38 Teresa Vaill
13:53.60 Erin Taylor-Talcott
13:59.00 Jill Cobb
14:02.36 Susan Randall
14:09.50 Susan Randall
14:15.93 Mereth Zalba
14:16.74 Erin Taylor-Talcott

February 10, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Not as cold as last month but was 38 and foggy but calm. Sun came out during the warm down lap. Steve pulled away and was lost in the fog early on as we all beat last month's cold times.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 24:04
Bob Novak, 63, 27:22
Stan Chraminski, 65, 27:24
Michelle Cunningham, 50, 29:03
Diana Thurman, 65, 31:24

January 12, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. One of our coldest SSR's ever at about 29 degrees. Luckily is was calm and sunny otherwise so when we hit the sunny patches, it wasn't too bad. Steve likes cold weather and smoked the course in his best time in a while, wearing shorts! I was wearing everything and happy to break 10 minute miles. Four hardy folks raced (Mike came by later) and three future racewalkers attended the clinic afterwards. Brian and Michelle were faster than last month's windy day.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 24:22
Stan Chraminski, 65, 27:36
Michelle Cunningham, 50, 29:37
Brian Peterman, 63, 32:28


2012 Results

December 1, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Nasty rainy weekend but we got a short break at race time so was only a little windy and in 40''s so better than expected.

Stan Chraminski, 65, 27:34
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:48
Bob Novak, 63, 27:50
Michelle Cunningham, 50, 30:20 (Back after an injury layoff)
Diana Thurman, 65, 32:12:38
Brian Peterman, 62, 32:38

November 10, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Cold at 32 degrees but sunny and calm. End of season downtime and cold temps kept everyone at a moderate pace versus last month. Small field due to injuries and other events.

Ann Tuberg, 52, 27:39
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:42
Stan Chraminski, 65, 28:05
Brian Peterman, 62, 31:51

October 21, Western Regional Hour Walk, Banks, Oregon. Cool at 45 degrees but luckily dry and only a slight breeze. Nice turnout with 18 walkers.

(1) Erin Gray – Lebanon, OR: 12,554.0
(2) Melissa Bosserman – Happy Valley, OR: 9,685.10
(3) Megan Holley – Beaverton, OR: 8221.60
(1) Bianca Bartel – Portland, OR: 8340.40
(1) Rebecca Stevens – Vancouver, WA: 10,117.60
(2) Debra Bridges – Portland, OR: 9252.80
(1) Nana Bellerud – Gresham, OR: 9235.20
(2) Bertie August – Portland, OR: 8180.20
60-69 – Women
(1) Maureen Robeson – Eugene, OR: 8924.30
(2) Diana Thurman – Ollala, WA: 8331.10
(3) Catherine Sills – Portland, OR: 6481.90
60-69 – Men
(1) Rob Frank – Banks, OR: 10,546.10
(2) Steve DiBernardo – Shoreline, WA: 10,347.40
(3) Dennis Robeson – Eugene, OR: 10,151.00
(4) Bob Novak – Bainbridge Island, WA: 9863.20
(5) Stan Chraminski – Seattle, WA: 8508.60 (Had a lightheaded incident early so strolled it in, unfortunately.)
(1) Dick Vaughn – Portland, OR: 7478.20

October 13, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Warm but wet and windy as Seattle drought finally ended. We lucked out and rain stopped during the race. Steve entered the age 60 group with the exact time from a month ago, rest took it easier for the weather. I had a cold so just held the watch. Steve, Bob, Diana and I are going down to the Banks Oregon hour walk the 21st. That will be my last race in the 60-64 age group as by next SSR in November I'll be 65.

Steve DiBernardo, 60, 25:31
Bob Novak, 63, 26:72
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:42
Diana Thurman, 65, 31:45

September 8, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Sunny and warm again. Steve "Dibo" led the way today as his training is going well. He wore me out at the track Wednesday and then clobbered me at the race today. Must be the 5 year age difference. LOL. Another PB for Mike. Also a promising new walker in Holly who did 32 in her first race ever. A tight group today with places 2-5 within a half minute of each other.

Steve DiBernardo, 59, 25:31
Stan Chraminski, 64, 26:26
Bob Novak, 63, 26:36
Ann Tuberg, 52, 26:45
Mike Rehder, 55, 26:55 (PB)
Holly Chaffin, 56, 32:32

August 11, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Sunny and warm with a little breeze. Steve "Dibo" is back to racewalking and turns 60 soon so we hope to field a strong men's 60 team for the hour walk in October. Goal is 30,000 meters for the three of us, me, Bob, and Steve,) Heat today slowed the field but I'd just returned from NC the night before so was heat trained but jet lagged and managed to nip under 26 for the first time this year.

Stan Chraminski, 64, 25:58
Ann Tuberg, 52, 26:51
Bob Novak, 63, 27:07
Steve DiBernardo, 59, 27:54
Mike Rehder, 55, 28:16 (Did race earlier in the week and sent in results. See how easy we are.)
Brian Peterman, 62, 31:48

Senior Games Racewalks, July 28. Warm and humid weather. Tumwater, WA Age in these races counts at what you will be by the end of the year so this was my first race at age 65 group and Rob's from Oregon first at 60 group. Everyone was a little slower than expected, we think due to the humidity that morning.

Race Walk - 1500 m
F 50-54
1 Michelle K. Cunningham 9:14.23 Sammamish
F 65-69
1 Diane L. Johnson 11:01.48 Lacey
2 Karen H. Munro 13:16.58 Olympia
M 55-59
1 James M. Nelson 13:41.39 Roy
M 60-64
1 Rob Frank 7:53.28 Banks OR
M 65-69
1 Bill E. Bruner 10:00.20 Olympia

Race Walk - 5 K
F 50-54
1 Michelle K. Cunningham 33:17.3 Sammamish
F 65-69
1 Diane L. Johnson 35:22.2 Lacey
2 Diana M. Thurman 35:32.8 Olalla
M 60-64
1 Rob Frank 27:54.9 Banks OR
2 Bob Novak 29:44.2 Bainbridge Island
3 Christopher W. Penoyar 43:41.0 Shelton
M 65-69
1 Stan Chraminski 29:13.3 Seattle
2 Bill E. Bruner 34:52.8 Olympia

July 21, Seattle Masters Classic, 5K racewalk, W. Seattle track. Nice conditions but short on competitors. Bob had car issues, Ann was out of town. Had a women's only race. Jan, Bill H. and I judged. I helped out as hammer throw retriever afterwards and jogging on the grass for a couple of hours showed me I'll never be able to resume running so thankful can racewalk where the knees are treated better.

Michelle Cunningham, 51, 32:09.64
Diana Thurman, 65, 36:18.18

July 11&12th, Hayward Masters Classic, Eugene, OR.

3000 M Race Walk Masters
Name                     Age Team               Time  
Frank, Rob                59 Racewalkers NW  15:53.75     
Chraminski, Stan       64 Club Northwest     17:08.70    
Novak, Bob               63 Club Northwest      17:15.39    
Robeson, Denny       65 Racewalkers NW    17:22.52
Dees, Ian                 37 Unattached            19:08.73         
Amoroso, Christian   78 Unattached            20:48.75    
MacPike, Ron          79 Racewalkers NW    21:54.86    
Vaughn, Dick           81 Racewalkers NW    23:22.63      

Grimes, Katie             48 Racewalkers NW   15:56.31  
Ballerud, Nana            53 Racewalkers NW   18:29.20    
Robeson, Maureen      63 Racewalkers NW    19:17.98    
Lafayette, Donna         69 Unattached            19:54.13   

 1500 Meters RW  Name   Age Team      Time             
Grimes, Katie             48 Racewalkers NW   7:36.65
Ballerud, Nana            53 Racewalkers NW  8:54.51 
Robeson, Maureen      63 Racewalkers NW  9:17.02             
Frank, Rob                59 Racewalkers NW   7:31.53
Robeson, Denny        65 Racewalkers NW   8:15.04
McConnell, Keith       68 Oregon Track Club  9:36.07
Amoroso, Christian    78 Unattached            9:56.27
MacPike, Ron           79 Racewalkers NW    10:36.20    
Vaughn, Dick             81 Racewalkers NW   11:26.03   

July 7, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Sunny so nice conditions at about 65 degrees and only a gentle breeze. Unusual for Seattle. Fast times for most with first three their fastest this year. Warm weather really helps you smooth out the form in racewalking as the muscles get looser than in cold weather. Does that mean in the hot midwest folks get so smooth they melt?

Stan Chraminski, 64, 26:02
Ann Tuberg, 52, 26:22
Bob Novak, 63, 26:28
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:36
Rebecca Kettwig, 41, 28:26
MIchelle Cunningham,50, 32:02 (Had a cold so just strolled it in.)

June 23, Mt. Hood Portland Masters meet, 5K racewalk. Rain during the race and puddles to walk through on the track.

W45   Katie Grimes   27:44.14
Carmen Jackinsky   28:21.76
W50   Nana Bellerud   32:09.69
M55   Rob Frank   28:01.34
M60   Bob Novak   29:46.81
M65   Dennis Robeson   29:55.72
M70   George Opsahl   31:13.13
 Joseph Anderson   35:27.44
M80   Dick Vaughn   39:23.29
M75   Ron MacPike   (DNF)

June 13, CNW All-Comers meet, 1 mile racewalk:

Ann Tuberg, 52, 8:49      
Bob  Novak, 63, 9:02      
Brian Peterman, 62, 10:36

June 9, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Another typical June day with about 50 degrees and cloudy wind. Maybe next month? Cool conditions made for fastest times of the year for most of today's racers so that must be good.

Bob Novak, 63, 26:40 (A win on his birthday)
Stan Chraminski, 64, 26:42
Mike Rehder, 55, 27:28 (PB every month continues as he moves into a new age group.)
MIchelle Cunningham, 51, 28:19
Rebecca Kettwig, 41, 28:28
Brian Peterman, 62, 31:22
Stephanie Delaney, 45, 40:03

June 2nd, Seattle Parks Masters Meet. 1500 M and 3K racewalks. Cool day like we tend to get in June so decent racing conditions. A little breeze and sun on and off.

3K Results

Stan Chraminski, 64, 17:16.5
Bob Novak, 62, 17:29.2

Michelle Cunningham, 51, 19:08
Diane Campbell, 65, 20:42.8
Donna Lafayette, 70, 21:19.6 (Oregon walker)

1500 Meter Results

Ann Tuberg, 52, 8:12.4
Michelle Cunningham, 51, 8:44.9
Donna Lafayette, 70, 9:48.9

Greg Joannides, 64, 10:54.3
Don Sheperdson, 74, 12:49.2
Ron Snipe, 68, 12:31.3

Thanks to our judging and officiating crews. HIckmans, Robertsons, Char, and Jan.

May 12, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Again nice and sunny so nice conditions although a little crowded at the lake. Welcome to new walker Chris in her first race.

Bob Novak, 62, 26:42
Stan Chraminski, 64, 26:48
Mike Rehder, 54, 27:55 (PB every month now.)
MIchelle Cunningham,50, 28:04
Rebecca Kettwig, 41, 29:48 (Attended Phil Dunn's Portland clinic so was working on her form by slowing down a little.)
Brian Peterman, 62, 31:24 (Phoned it in from earlier in week as couldn't make Saturday.)
Chris Garratt, 59, 35:55 (First time racer who took clinic earlier. Good start to racing career.)

May 6, Banks, Oregon 20K racewalk

Oregon Association 20k  Championships - held Sunday, May 6th, at the Banks High School 
Track in Banks, Oregon. The winner, from Greer, South Carolina, is...

1) Ian Whatley M50-59 - Greer, SC - 1:37:48.7
2) Rob Frank M50-59 - Banks, OR - 1:58:33.5
3) Katie Grimes W40-49 - Sherwood, OR - 2:01:15.4

April 14,Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Calm and sunny day so nice conditions. Now we need to get in shape for June and July races. Nice turnout at clinic with one repeater and four new walkers.

Bob Novak, 62, 26:56
Mike Rehder, 54, 28:04, Nice improvement track lately
Rebecca Kettwig, 40, 28:07
MIchelle Cunningham,50, 28:08
Stan Chraminski, 64, 31:17 (Bonked at first mile and strolled it in.)

March 24, Club Northwest Spring Break Track and Field Meet, W. Seattle Stadium, 3K Racewalk. Cool day at 43 with a breeze for our first official race of the year. Good local turnout with eight walkers. Decent times considering the March training weather we've had.

Ann Tuberg, 52, 17:18.1
Bob Novak, 62, 17:30.1
Stan Chraminski, 64, 17:36.8
MIchelle Cunningham, 51, 18:05.5
Mike Rehder, 54, 18:52.2 (First official race)
Brian Peterman, 62, 20:15.2
Bart Kale, 55, 19:29.9
Richard Zerbe, 73, 22:20.1 (First race in a few years)

March 10, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Cool day at 45 with a breeze but at least the rain falling all night held off for the morning. We had a pretty tight pack, maybe to keep warm with only some separation last mile. Six racers but only two age groups represented. Women ruled today in honor of International Women's Day on Thursday I guess. Ann and Michelle in same age group so must have been that battle that made for their fast times.

Ann Tuberg, 52, 27:03
MIchelle Cunningham, 51, 27:08
Bob Novak, 62, 27:18
Stan Chraminski, 64, 27:33
Bob Huppe, 62, 28:27 (Nice improvement from last month)
Brian Peterman, 61, 30:28 (Post illness PB)

February 12, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Sunday this year to avoid the large Valentine's race at Green Lake on Saturday. Nice conditions with just over 50 degrees and pretty calm. An eagle watched us race from the tree tops. Brian "phoned in" his time from Thursday as was busy Sunday. Steve DiBernardo raced again for the first time in a while.

Stan Chraminski, 64, 26:45
Bob Novak, 62, 27:14 (Recovering from an knee injury that limited his training.)
Ann Tuberg, 52, 27:22
MIchelle Cunningham,50, 27:33
Steve DiBernardo, 59, 28:28
Mike Rehder, 54, 29:44 (PB)
Brian Peterman, 61, 31:08

January 14, Second Saturday Racewalk, unjudged. 2.8 miles. Very cold day at 38 or so degrees with strong south wind so wind chill low, plus the force of the wind was bad when in our faces. Luckily the hour of snow we had didn't hit until about 11 am, once race was over. Conditions made us declare a "social walk" day versus a race for those who wanted. Also had several other racing issues so slow days were had by most.

Stan Chraminski, 64, 28:14
Bob Huppe, 62, 30:26 (Returning walker after a break from walking)
Mike Rehder, 54, 30:26 (New walker in first race)
Brian Peterman, 61, 31:10
Bob Novak, 62, 33:21 (Injured knee so took it easy)
Stephanie Delaney, 45, 43:00 (Recovering from a cold)

January 7, Gulf Association, USA Track & Field 50K Championship plus other distance, Houston, Texas
50 KM. A handful of Oregon walkers plus Michelle from our group competed well. Backlunds used to live in Washington too but now list Cal. as their residence.

1.  Omar Nash, OH                              M38               5:13:14  M35-39 National Champion
2.  Tammy Stevenson, UT                     W41             5:16:20  W 40-44 National Champion
3.  Katie Grimes, OR                            W48             5:19:52  W 45-49 National Champion
4.  Bruce Logan, NY                            M47               6:07:05  M45-49 National Champion
5.  Sherry Watts, CAN                         W58               6:44:05   
6.  Darlene Backlund, CA                     W66              6:45:09  W 65-69 National Champion  
1. Stevie Berry, TX                              M12               34:47
2.  Karen Karavanic, OR                     W48               35:03
3.  Dillon Berry, TX                              M14               35:44
1.  MJ Baglin, NV                                W65        2:14:26
2.  Michelle Cunningham, WA              W50        2:25:54
3.  John Backlund, CA                         M71         2:29:14
4.  Bill Kilgore, TX                               M51          2:30:08
5.  Jorge Herrera Roman, MEX            M70        2:40:28